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Part 124: Characters - Izayoi

Name: Izayoi
Job: Kunoichi


Izayoi, represented by Water, is part of the Eblan Four. Her job is spying on Troia. Sees tower, blah blah blah, returns to Eblan, you know the rest by now. Her thing is that she wants to be known foremost as a ninja rather than a woman. Also, for some reason her job is Kunoichi despite all the other people, including Edge, being Ninjas.



Illusions: Chance to confuse an enemy.


L7 Flood
L7 Heal Pill
L15 Heal Salve
L25 Smelling Salts
L40 Stealth Kill
L42 Frost

Equipment: Boomerangs, Katanas, Knives, Bows, Whips
Best Stats: Strength, Speed


Oh, Izayoi. You are just outclassed in every possible way by a White Mage. Sure, she's got decent strength, but she's limited to Bows and Whips (since katanas and boomerangs require dual-wielding to be effective). While it means she never has to leave the back row, she can't really contribute much damage to begin with.

Her stats are pretty average, except for her Spirit, which is rather low. This is especially laughable since her main focus is healing. Her ability's pretty nice, but between Confuse Staves and the actual spell, it's not really enough to let her stand out. Plus pretty much every White Mage will outclass her even in damage.

So yeah, Izayoi may just be even more useless than Zangetsu. At least he's only outclassed by one character. Not only does Ceodore completely outdo Izayoi in every possible category, but Rosa covers the healing archer much better. Even Leonora could do more damage with a level one Black Magic spell than Izayoi could do with an attack. I can't really see a reason to use her over one of the four characters that specialize in White Magic, or anyone else for that matter.