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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

by Mega64

Part 86

Chapter 72

Four updates left, and then I'm finally done with this game. Today, we're going to finish the rest of the dungeon and reach the final boss.

This is my chosen Dream Team. Four characters that are fantastic both in battle and as characters. Ceodore's pretty mediocre in both categories, but I do want someone who can equip the best equipment, and Ceodore does know Reflect. Plus he's a good comedy option and is a pseudo main character, though this game's definitely an ensemble with no real main more than anything.

The next several floors have some very special random encounters.

Meet the Maenads. Yes, that's the name of the Mysterious Girls. They're random enemies now, and they come in two varieties.

Physical attackers, who'll use physical attacks and Binding Glare.

And magical attackers, who rely on Flare, Holy, and Meteor.

Neither form are that bad. They don't take a lot of hits, and their attacks aren't deadly or anything. Definitely not as bad as some of the other girls we've beat down before.

I end up picking Death for Palom. Unfortunately, I never do pick up Flare, which would've made my life so much easier.

But there's not really much else to say about the Maenads. They're just random encounters you'll run into.

The actual floors are rather bland. The last two treasures of the game are an X-Potion and Dry Ether, shit I can already buy 99 of.

Our will is as one...
We are the Maenads...
We are the most advanced form of life.
We must press forward to yet higher forms of evolution...
What is our next mission?
Where is the next Crystal we must recover?

In the next room is a bunch of Maenads standing around being bland and useless.

The following room has some more Maenads resting in special chambers. There's a particularly short one that's glowing.

I, I am Edward.
Your orders...
Do you think you can be a good girl?
You wish for me to remain here?
Exactly. Can you do that?

Well, that sure was something.

The next room has yet more crystals. But these crystals aren't bosses from FF7 or anything.

No, they're the Light and Dark Crystals from the Blue Planet. Every other Crystal has shattered, but not ours.

This is it! Its light is gone, but there's no doubt about it!

There's also four random Crystals that don't have any purpose.

A Dark Crystal! But the glow's gone from it...

Wait! This is Troia's...!

I found it! An Underworld Dark Crystal!

This is it! Damcyan's Fire Crystal! It has lost its glow, but I recognize it!

There it is! A Dark Crystal!

Apparently nobody on our team gives a shit about the Wind Crystal.

But we've successfully regained all the Crystals. All we have to do is solve that pesky "Moon speeding towards our home" problem.

There's an elevator here for restocking and healing. Let's keep going.

The last few floors have brand new music and some goofy architecture.

There's not really much to say. There's no random battles, at least I didn't run into any, no treasures, and the path is straightforward.

The last elevator and save point are on B29. Yes, the Moon Base we're in has 30 floors, because why not?

And here we are.

It is now time to face the final boss.


Wh-what the heck is this!?
Look at that thing! It's huge!
Is that a machine!? This...this giant thing!?
We finally found it... The hidden truth of the Crystals.

The final boss has four forms. The first form is nothing but a warm-up.

Seriously, it actually does nothing. You're essentially beating it up so it'll wake up.

Do enough damage, and it'll start attacking.

All it does is cast Drain and Osmose, though, so it's still a trivial battle. This is simply to further the plot.

Alright. We busted the thing open. Now to see what's inside...

...Oh. Alright, then.

Next time, we finally learn the plot of the game. No, I'm serious, the game really does have a plot.