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Part 11: A Stupid Octopus

We're accidentally down to four, so I probably want a fifth. Rosa's probably my best bet since she's a decent physical presence while providing some debuffing utility that the rest of my party can't really cover.

Anyway she's apparently here for whatever reason.

And a bit...preoccupied?

Cecil! Help!

Meet OctoSoul.

He attacks eight times a turn. It's still not very scary.

He's also literally Ultros.

Luckily OctoSoul simply paralyzes instead of dealing heavy damage with his Tentacles.

Also he's apparently dark-elemental so Cecil just tears through him.

He also has an instant death attack because why not?

We get a free Rune bow out of it, which...OK?

I heard there was a monster attacking the shrine so I thought I'd go slay it.

No comment.

Are you ok? Can you still fight? Because we could really use your help against Golbez.
I'm a bit shaken up but I'm ok. I'm ready to do whatever I can to help!

Anyway, we're back to five and we finally, finally have our final party for this run.

It runs like the wind! You're a genius, Cid. Unfortunately, we don't really have much time for joyriding, I'm afraid...
Don't worry about it. Now go get Golbez!

Anyway Cid is in the Dwarven Castle, which accounts for everyone now.

Also I stock up on arrows. Yoichi arrows add 30 attack, but otherwise it's good to have elemental arrows so I get 99 of all of them besides Dark because I still haven't seen many dark-weak enemies yet.

Alright, time to march to the final dungeon!

Three chests here have this encounter. Each has a nice new weapon.

Fire-elemental and rips apart dragons.

Nothing special, just the penultimate katana.

Casts Holy as an item, both Holy and Air elemental.

Biggest thing to note is that this is the point of no return. Once you trigger the sequence in here, you can no longer leave. End game time, baby!

You can still heal, but frankly there's no reason to.

This time, our kindly lunar uncle isn't here to greet us.

The same. Who knew the moon would have its own set of eight crystals as well. Now that I have collected them all, the power of the cosmos is at my command!


That's us!
Miss me, sexy?
Get away you creep...

Rubicante, always a class act.

So yes, we're doing the Fiends fight except with eight instead of four.

We start with Scarmiglione, who was probably the most difficult to deal with since it's difficult for this party to exploit a weakness. Fortunately, Rosa now knows Float so his biggest attack is a nonissue once I remember to actually cast it.

Otherwise, he can petrify and curse people. Eventually my attackers wear him down.

Rubicante still has his Fira/Firaga/Glare pattern.

Except Glare goes off immediately after he does. Gotta love those ATB quirks.

Other than this guy's sprite space being glitchy enough to move his damage to the menu, he's not really noteable since his Holy weakness means he dies quickly.

Blubicante doesn't last much longer. Honestly the longer this fight goes, the quicker these guys die.

I'm not even kidding here. We went from Cagnazzio to Barbariccia to Cragnazzio.

Mauvericcia can use Globe199 to pretend to be threatening. Who cares about lightning attacks, seriously.

This was actually not too bad. It can definitely catch you off guard and it can test your FF4 knowledge, but at this point it wasn't an issue for me.

But here's the thing: We're not done yet.

Who's ready for another boss fight?

Because Kain sure fucking isn't!

Now's your chance...

You see, there is a bonus to booting Kain out, as he'll instantly kill the Shadow Dragon for us, giving us one less boss to fight.

Not too bad except he apparently drops the Cursed Ring, which absorbs all elements now at the cost of no defenses and -5 all stats. Kiiiiind of a loss, but I'll live.

No breather here, we're jumping straight to Golbez.

That said, it kinda feels like Golbez pulls his punches here, probably because you would've fought the Fiends and possibly the Shadow Dragon beforehand. He's really not too much a threat here.

Seriously, not much to talk about for this one. For the big bad, Golbez goes down like a chump.

We win, hooray.


What in the world??
I am hatred itself, the epitome of evil... I am...

For millenia I slept in the core of this asteroid...exiled by my people and sent deep into space. It became trapped in the orbit of this planet and here I have rested ever since...eager for release...

Now I can finally fulfill my destiny! Ultimate destruction...beginning with your world!

Anyway we gotta kill the actual true evil now because Final Fantasy.

And we can't leave because Cecil doesn't wanna.

Every crystal has a fancy name. From this going counter-clockwise, there's Matter, Energy, Infinity, Singularity, Spirit, Mind, Space, and Time. Works for me!

Next time, the final dungeon!