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Part 21: Bonus Feature A2: Alternate Endings 1

Bonus Feature A2: Alternate Endings 1

What? You would turn against your king?!

Yeeeeeah. Not buying it, pal.

Have seen book. Read prophecy. Tells of monster who prepares delicious meat!


The real Ashura would've known the prophecy of the Worldly Eater. What was your next sentence after our acceptance? "All you have to do is swear fealty to me, now and forever?"


Ah. You've found me out, then. what now?

As you've surmised, I'm only borrowing the name Ashura. I had thought my disguise impeccable, you know. I honestly hadn't expected you to put all of it together. Bra-vo!

Then who are you?

Me? Why, I am the Master of All Matter.

Wh... Augh! I can't control my legs!

And you will obey me.

Why are we kneeling?! I don't want to kneel!

Trog refuse!

I am the Master! You will obey!


Very well. Have it your way, then.





Oh hey. He's back to normal again.

...what happen?

What? How?! Unless...

Not to worry, everything is absolutely under control and there's no reason whatsoever to panic.!

Oh, come now, Master.

Did you think you were the only one who discovered how to regenerate into a monster?


Ehn-ehn ehn-ehn, doot-doo doot-doo, doo-doot dee deedledee deet dee-dee

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