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by Rirse

Part 1

There you have it, our backstory for the game. The goal in the game is to gather 77 MAGI stones from across various worlds before so called "Gods" destroy everything.

Time to begin our new game after picking our main character name and class.

We start by naming our Human Male, Eric. Sounds like a good main character name for this thread.

Dad : Eric Eric.

Eric : Mmm..hmm.. Dad .. what is it?

Dad : I have to leave now. Will you keep .. Hey! Eric! Wake up!

Eric : I'm sleepy..

Dad : Listen! Do not lose this! Got it!

Eric : Dad, are you leaving again?

Dad : Yep. Take care of your mother.

Eric : Okay. Come home early.

Dad : ...Yeah, be good Eric.

Eric father must been Sam from Calrassia Explains It All.

Eric : Mom, I um...

Mom : What? Tell me, Eric.

Eric : I want to go looking for dad.

Mom : Oh... I knew you would say so someday. You're adventurous like your father.

Eric : But..I am worried about you, Mom. You'll be all alone.

Mom : Don't worry about me, Eric. I'll be okay, just go on ahead.

Eric : Yeah.

Mom : Tell your father that I am doing alright.

Eric : I will.

Mom : Take care.

Eric : Mom I...

Mom : Go to school and tell Mr. S. that you're leaving.

Eric : Okay. Mom, I will be back with dad.

Mr S : So you're leaving.. Then I have to tell you about this. The ancient gods made this world.

Eric : Yes, I know.

Mr S : Their legacy is left all over this world in form of MAGI.

Eric : ...

Mr S : What you have received from your father is piece of it. 77 of those MAGI make a statue of a goddess, Isis.

Eric : This..

Mr S : Each MAGI has it own power. Some are using the power of MAGI to become gods.

Eric : Why did my father have such a thing?

Mr S : To prevent MAGI from being abused for wrong purposes.

Eric : So he like a hero?

Mr S : Well...yes...kind of. If you wish to find your father, search for MAGI.

Eric : I will.

Mr S : Your MAGI is called the Prism. It tells you the number of MAGI in the same area. It will help you.

Eric : Thank you very much, Sir! I will study more about MAGI also.

The name Sara sounds good for a powerful sorceress mutant...thing.

Was going to go with E102, but I found out Final Fantasy Legend 2 has no numbers you can input for the characters. So I just went with ROBO.

So here is my party, together at last. Abil stand for Ablities, which I can use Cure spells and stuff. Most of the other stuff is the basic RPG stanards...except MEMO, which keeps track of key dialog, like the MAGI and Gods. I will show MAGI in a second.

Here our current equipment on our hero.

Our mutant has a different setup, and she start with FLAME, a handy attack that hits all monsters.

Our robot starts off with no armor, but that no big deal. The PA/PO is the system that grants him stats increase when he is given weapons and armor.

And Zoid here starts with Dissolve, a powerful attack that targets one enemy, but heals him as well. I think X FIRE means he weak against fire. That changes when transforms.

Checking our MAGI menu, we can view the Prism, which tells us there are six MAGI stones left to find.

Mr S decides to join temporary as a fifth member of our party.

Besides having the DISSOLVE spell, he has FIRE which hits all monsters in that one column. Also has a handy cure spell to get me through this cave that coming up.

At last the overworld. All roads lead north, which we were told off screen to head that direction to reach a town. But first we must pass through a cave.

Our first monster fight..Spider. Not too hard, but if they come in numbers, they can be a pain.

Jaguar here is pretty tough, as they usually appears in a group. No, the game is not acting up...there is three jaguars here, but only one is shown on screen. What I mention eariler about the FIRE spell applies for a group like this.

Inside the cave we find a four pack of CURE and...

Bronze Shield. Shield is pretty worthless, as you have to waste a turn using it for it work.

Moving on we run into a jaguar, which manages to kill Eric. Thankfully they are revived after battle with 1 hp, which I use Mr S cure spell to fix him up.

Three more monsters. Ashigaru are tough human characters, which don't drop meats, but do leave behind swords after they die. Skeletons are tough, but not much of a threat. And Goblins are just wusses.

This is how we gain stats. It happens at random after battle..we also gain a LONG sword from the Ashigaru.

Which we give the spare Long swords to ROBO, who stats have increased since we show it equipment earlier.

Also run into two Gang members, which drop Punch after battle. Yes, even melee attacks require you own the item.

Find a spare bow, which I give to Eric and...

A hammer for Sara.

Moving on we reach the end of the cave, where our first boss awaits..Baby Wyrm.

Boss my ass, he dies to one attack from Mr S.

Baby Wyrm Fight video

Sadly Mr S leaves our party after we exit the cave. But the town we were told about is north of here, so we will travel there.