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Part 10

We have only one riddle left, "where darkness shines brightly". Previously in the port town some of the people made mention of a cave nearby that was too bright to see inside, and since this is the last place on this world we haven't explored...

The TrueEye we picked up in Neptune Volcano comes in handy, as we wouldn't be able to find our way through this dungeon without it.

So far no new monster, which is unusual.

On the second floor we have to cross a bridge over the abyss to reach the stairway to the third floor.

Oh it seems there are some new monsters in this dungeon afterall. Ghoul, like Zoid, has Tusk and P-Nails. Tusk can hurt if hit, while P-Nails paralyzes it victim for a while.

Reaching the fourth floor we come to a fork in the road. The left path leads further into the dungeon, while right takes us...

To treasure! Power potion is instantly drank by Eric, making him even stronger.

After making our way down the left path, we reach the stairway to the next floor. We instantly find this chest with Giant Gloves, that go to ROBO. There are two paths in this room, but east is the way we want to go.

Because we find this Thunder book on the way to the stairs. West takes you to the stairs, but not to any treasure.

Next floor is like the second floor, with odd bridges everywhere, but there is two of them this time. We take the south bridge first since we get...

The Laser Sword. Even so when I tried using it, my character missed. Is this a robot only weapon or something?

We take the upper bridge afterwards that takes us to the next floor. Here we got three pathes. First path is a deadend, second leads to the next floor, and final is...

Revenge Sword, which if I remember right, works like the shield, but the person counter attacks instead of defend.

Gah, I don't like the SabreCat too much. If you notice, our party is hurt at the start of this battle. That because SabreCat's group ambushed our party, so all nine of them got a hit before we could even attack. Sabrecats hit hard too, but thank goodness Sara can wipe them out with her excellent speed.

After that horrible fight we make it to the final floor. Good timing, as our party is running low on attacks. Sara has only 5 shots of flame and 4 ice, and both ROBO and Zoid ran out of their best attacks.

As for the room, it a large chamber with three MAGI, but a lot of monster encounters here. West takes us to the first MAGI in the room that contains...

Thunder MAGI. Too bad I never used the elemental MAGI since the affects are reversed. Now that we got the first MAGI can we can go back to the start of the room and head east.

But first we get attacked by another Sabrecat group (who didn't surprise attack us this time). The cat dropped some meat, which turn Zoid from into .

Zoid may be a girl, but she has some sweet spells. I think Zoid is going to remain in this form for a while.

Anyway, we pick up this Ice MAGI when we head east...leaving only one MAGI left in this dungeon. We go back to the center, but go north and then west to get...

another Mana MAGI. And with that this dungeon is complete. But first we got to fight our way out.

Thankfully the other side of the chamber contains the exit. Always wondered why we didn't just take this path in so we could got the MAGI first and then not have to deal with the Sabercats?

With all the MAGI from Apollo's World, we can now open the door to the next world.

The next world looks a bit small. Oh well, we will tackle Guardian's World next update. But first a recap on our party status.

Eric didn't get any stats increase in that dungeon, odd.