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Part 11

Dunno how these people can't know about the Guardians when the entire world is a GIANT TOWN! I know there are mountains surrounding the place, but do we ever see past!

Anyway, let see what happen if we play the Heroic Tune on the jukebox.

Looks like SD-6 been targeting this group.

And we stay in jail for the rest of our life...The End.

Just kidding.

Guard : Really?! Okay, sir! I understand. *opens door* There you go!

So besides Ashura and Apollo, there also a Odin and Venus out there?

Why did I capture this screenshot for the thread? I got over 50 images, and these two are pretty basic "we are doing good" filler.

This statement will ring true when we fight one of the "New Gods" late in the game.

So Eric's father has no real name..just "The Captain"?

Dang, can't enter the MAGI storage room yet. We need those for our quest to outshine Eric's father.

Nothing possibly can go wrong sleeping in the long, complex, secret base that is always getting attacked by villains. Especially not with a storage vault for MAGI that villains surly want.

God dammit!

And since this place gets attacked, we get new monsters to deal with here. Clayman here is just a upgraded Woodman, even the same weakness.

Hornet are hard to hit, but unlike the Fly, can hurt you for decent damage. Thunder is fast and pecks hard for a little bird. And ROBO-Z (does his name change to match your Robot?) are a pain in the ass, as they use more update weaponary on you for heavy damage.

P-Toad (P for Poison) are jokes, as like the virus family, likes to cast Poison every turn. Mushroom can paralyzes your party along with hurt for minor damage. And White Belt hits hard with kicks and other martial attacks.

Unoh, the MAGI Vault has been raided!

A new monster sprite design...Mechbug. Like ROBO-Z, it has some strong attacks, using lasers attacks for heavy damage.

After fighting our way, we reach the stairs, which is guarded by the Ogre mini-boss (there is a lot of mini-boss in this dungeon). Ogre have decent defense, but are not that strong when alone.

Heh, looks like each mini-boss has a MAGI on it body. Since this place was three floors deep, I bet there are two more mini-bosses on the way out.

Father : New gods found our base and send in their monsters. We must hurry! It's gonna be to dangerous.

Another mini-boss, the Manticore. It has some decent attacks, but with the Captain in your party, it a joke.

Pick up another MAGI from the mini-boss.

Two more monsters fight us as we reach the first floor. O-Bake are powerful ghosts that can hit hard in battle. Even so we got the Captain, they are still tricky to kill. P-Worm on the other hand are nothing much. They just like to poison your party members, but do attack at times as well.

The Magican is the third and final mini-boss that blocking the way out of the Guardian's Base. They have some tough magic, but since there is only one of them and we got mister badass...he dies rather quickly.

Got another MAGI for our trouble. Now let get out of this place.

Looks like the monster didn't spare the rest of the town either. Don't worry if you didn't buy anything in the you see in a minute, you can find them in the next to speak.

As we make our way back to the Pillar of Sky, we run into one last mini-boss, the Commando. Someone mention eariler that it a good idea to save before this fight, as he can drop some powerful weapons after battle. We got a bazooka after battle which goes to ROBO.

The villains kidnapped Lynn and took her to the next world.

On our way to the world we run into this...yes, all the towns from Guardian's World can be found here for the rest of the game. We rest up and head to fight one last boss for this update.

So this Ninja's World, named after the boss we are going to fight in a moment. It very short, as it only three screens long. There was a monster fight on the way, but since it will most likely show up next world, we didn't bother to include it.

...for you!

Lynn : Help me, sir!

Eric : Sir?

Lynn : My real dad is missing, so Captain said he he'd be my father till mommy's all well.

Eric : Oh...

Ninja : What, you fooled me?! Well you never do it again!

Lynn : HELP!

Father : Lynn!! Eric! I'll get the monster. Here.

Eric : What? Dad!? DAD!!!

...I'm sorry, Eric.

Eric : It's not your fault, Lynn. I was so harsh to him, but it was a mistake

Zoid : Eric, don't be upset. We have to take Lynn home, right?

Sara : Okay, Lynn, let's go home.

Lynn : *sob* *sob*

...the Guardians! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Eric : Oh dad..don't tell me...YOU MONSTER!

And we get to fight the Ninja with the ever so useless Lynn in our party. Ninja is fast and deadly, as he can deal 350 damage with one hit of his sword. But thankfully that Bazooka we got from the Commando saves the day, as it knocks almost all his hps out with one blast.

After the Ninja dies we picked up his Poison MAGI and automatically teleport back to Lynn's Town in Apollo's World.

...Lynn don't worry..

Sara : Are we going back home, Eric?

Eric : No! Not like this...I am gathering the Statue of Isis...for my dad, too now.

zoid : Okay! Let's go, then!

ROBO: Bye, Lynn! Take care.

Lynn Mother : Thank you very much! Captain used to be a friend of my husband. When he got lost in the mission as a Guardian,

Captain treated Lynn as a daughther. I have to give this back to you now.

And so we got enough MAGI to open the door to the next world...

Venus' World! We tackle the first part of this world next update.

Note that Zoidberg didn't change forms this time, as the fairy form is pretty useful for the time being.