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Part 12

Venus' City is a nice change of pace from our boring medieval cities we been seeing throughout the game.

Judging from the series of tubes that connect this way, Venus lives in this large tower in the center of town. I think it time we pay her a visit to ask about some MAGI we can borrow from her.

...I will grant you to stay here in my world. I do not think you can find any MAGI here through. Ho ho ho...

Well that was pointless. At least we can leave town now.

Flora : No...nothing.

Zoid : Tell us! We might be able to help.

Flora : Leon was exiled from this city because his leg was wounded by an accident. Oh, my dear Leon.

Zoid : People get exiled because of a wound? That's terrible!

...I'm sorry about Leon, but it's just bad luck!

More subplot folder for the fire. We will revisit this plot when we get to the next town.

Finally we are outside Venus' City. Before we left we picked up some Army gear for Eric boost his defense up, as the monster in this world are tough.

We meet our first new monster on the way north...which is the werewolf I mentioned in the last update who was cutted for time. Werewolf is very annoying, as they tend to ambush your party, getting a first strike on you.

We reach a new town...Outcast Villiage, which is where we find Leon.

...of my leg. But I like it here better! Only thing I'm worried about is Flora.

Nice job game spriters, he walks just fine and has no detail on his custom sprite to indicate he has something wrong with his leg.

Rest of the town mentioned a sewer to the east that contained some rare treasure, so we decide to check it out.

For a monochrome 8-bit game, it does have a pretty decent looking sewer level. Anyway, let us go find some treasure.

Right off the bat we find a Speed Potion, that Sara drinks dispirited it being found inside a sewer.

On the second floor we find a PSI Sword, which it's attack power is based off the person MANA, so it goes to Sara.

Inside the door in the above screenshot was a mini-boss, the Hermit crab. No, we are not doing a "attack it weak spot" joke here, as this creature is a joke when being assaulted by four powerful party members.

Hermit crab drops a key after it dies, which allows us to enter some locked chambers in this dungeon.

Chafer here is pretty annoying, as they have some decent defense, and some mild attack powers. Wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact it comes with backup.

Ahhh crap, it a nasty trio of monsters. If you noticed from Zoid's current move list, Sprite has thunder and cure, one that can hurt a party member for heavy damage, and the other can heal her allies in battle. Baby-D knows Flame, which hurts everyone for about 150 damage along with having high HPs. And Turtle can defend and hit party members for heavy damage.

Deeper into the sewer we find our first locked door, which contains four treasure chests.

We find Speed, Power, Mana MAGI in the treasure chest. The last chest on the other hand contains a monster in the box.

Nasty combo here, as Mephisto can hit hard and fast while Phantom can do about 200 damage with his touch attack. Thankfully these monsters can only be fought in treasure chests for now.

But we got lucky after that battle, as they dropped their meat, which is better then most monsters on this world. Zoid now went from to .

Much improvement, as Zoid went up about 100 hps and gained some decent melee attacks. While I do miss the Thunder and Cure spells, at least he not going to down in one hit from the monsters on this world now.

Further into the sewer we find one last locked door.

We find Defense, Ice, and Thunder MAGI in these chests. The chest in the screenshot above contained Mephisto and Phantom.

We are nearing the end of the sewer, so we start to fight some tougher monsters like the Guard, who while no that strong, can get first strike on the party, which can do some hurt to our group. Combine the fact he likes tagging with Baby-W and we got a problem.

another Elixir to hold on to. These won't see much action until late in the game when we get some tough bosses like [spoiler]Warmech[/spoiler].

On the other side of this room we find a Giant Helmet, which goes to Sara.

Two more new monsters on the way out of the dungeon, the first being Live Oak, who can hit hard, but have a weakness to fire. Harpy are fast, but not really that strong.

Finally we are out of the sewer and back in...Venus' Tower?

Yeah, if there no MAGI in this world, how did you become a god?