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Part 13

...Venus. *screen starts shaking* Oh no!

Zoid : Watch out! It's shaking!

Out of nowhere a volcano emerges to the northwest of the Outcast Village.

One of the villagers from the Outcast Village mentioned that a ancient ruins that had MAGI was at this spot we are at now...

Well this certainly isn't Neptune's Volcano on a different world. Surly, the programers didn't reused the texture from that dungeon.

I see Leon is following us...with his "bad" leg.

Thankfully it seems the programmers also remember to put the handy object that heals your hps up in this dungeon. We are going to need it, as this place is brutal.

Can't have a dungeon without new monsters, and this place has a lot of new faces. Triceras have good stats, but do weak attacks like Nail over and over. Hawk fight with nasty gun attacks that can do 200 damage to a party member. And Ogre are just dumb and strong.

Don't know why we are showing Komodo here, he is a pansy who I don't think even got a chance to hit any of our party members before dying.

Don't how a guy wearing nothing but black briefs can fight dangerous monsters when he only has a knife.

Serpents are rather forgetful, as they only manage to do a Poison attack, which never do much damage and vanishes after battle.

Why did the programmers not give this dungeon monsters that are themed for the environment? Unless someone in this thread can prove that piranha can live in volcano, which is highly unlikely.

On the bright side of fighting our badly placed friend there, we got a new meat that evolved into

Oh baby, I think Zoid is going to be enjoying being a talking eyeball for a while. Not only does he control the forces of :byob:, but he has FRICKING LASER BEAMS!

Oh come on game, a naked man can't walk over lava while fighting piranhas in a volcano!

Ahhh fuck. I hate this group here deeply for the fact they all are tough bastards. Warrior usually uses a shitty Sword attack that misses, but he randomly pulls out a Chainsaw, that is instant death...even for Robo! Magician have powerful Fire spells that can do 350 damage! And the Mercs have grenades that do 300 damage.

If you are playing this game and see them, run!

Okay game, I get it, Leon is following us to get the MAGI in this dungeon. Programmer a lava monster or something instead of reminding us of this stupid plot!

Jeez, about four floors in and we finally got some treasure. Besides the Magic Potion, we also got a Flame Sword, that misses most of the time.


Neat, a Mage Staff and Fire Gun. Fire Gun is useless, as it only does 90 damage, but it boosts Robo stats...

I think the reason Venus banished Leon was because he kept stalking her!

A much needed hp foutain before traveling on some more hot coal lava.

Finally get a new shield for Eric.

Again mentioned, why don't we just enter the dungeon from the backdoor and skipped all the fire! Anyway, we got a Power MAGI, Fire MAGI and Poison MAGI.

Wow, I didn't see this coming from a mile away.

After finally being finished with this damn volcano, we get to...attend a wedding?

Flora, you are to love Nils as your husband.

Flora : Oh Venus...

Venus : No questions or objections allowed. Now, kiss for the pledge.

Flora : Leon!

Leon : You, Venus! I'm gonna defeat you with this MAGI!

Venus : MAGI? Where did you find it? Besides, what are you going to do with just a knife?

Flora : Leon...

Venus : Don't you oppose me!

Flora : I'lll marry Nils! So please forgive him!

Venus : Flora! Do you think you can order me?

Flora : Oh no, I didn't mean...please Venus...I beg you...

Venus : Be quiest and clear my way!

Flora : No! I really do love Leon. I'm not afraid of anything anymore. I am going out of this city!

Venus : No, you may not do that!

Flora : I have this scar. I can't stay here anymore. Please exile me to outside of the wall!

Venus : Oh, Flora! You acted agaisnt me and my pride of beauty! That is unforgivable!

Zoid : That's it! Hey, venus! That's too much.

Wow, that was a lot of dialog. Anyway, we got our Power MAGI back from Leon before we fight Venus.

Zoid : Your city of beauty? Ha! Ha! You're the most graceless one!

We lucked out greatly in our battle against Venus. In the past playthroughs we got killed by her repeatly, but this game we lucked out and beat her on the first try. Man I love this new form for Zoid. Also great tip about the bazooka from PENILE EGGPLANT and Oscar Wilder.

Venus Battle

Leon : Nils!

Nils : Will you forgive me?

Leon : Yeah, all because of Venus, not you.

Nils : Oh Leon! Thank you...Flora...

Flora : It's okay.

Nils : But your face is...

Flora : It's okay. This wlil remind of today. The day I found out the most valuable thing in my life!

Nils : ...

Flora : Know what? I know a girl who is in live you, Nils!

Leon : Wow! Who? Man! You are so popular almong the the ladies?

Flora : Let's talk outside!

Leon : Thank you...

Zoid : You know...I like that!

Eric : Nice, huh? Let's go!

Not mentioned yet, but I got Power, Speed, Mana, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Aegis MAGI from Venus, which was enough to open the door to the next world, Race World!

Well here our up to date stats, which marks the end for this update.