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Part 14

As we last left off, we just enter the next world, Race World, where the only thing on this planet is a single town and a bunch of pointless dust to the bottom.

Our old "pal" Apollo is hosting a dragon race.

...Please enter! MAGI will be the winning prize for each obstacle.

We had four choices in the dragons we can use, FASTEST, FAST, MEDIUM, and SLOW (which is normal game walking speed), which goes up in price on which one you use. Nobody which dragon you buy, you still get the MAGI.

We get off to a slow start on the race due to the dragon not making it to the Starting Line in time before the Announcer shouted GO.

Unless you pick the FASTEST dragon, you will get this scene of one of the riders getting attacked by a monster.

Dunno why Tortoise has a zombie overworld sprite, but no matter. Tortoise have strong defense and decent attack, but due to the fact it outnumbered 4 to had no chance.

There are other monsters here besides the mini-bosses, but they are carried overs from Venus' World, so they are not being showed.

This time we are faster then the other riders, so we get attacked by the mini-boss instead of finding a injured rider.

Lamia are pretty tough, as they can instant killed a party member with stone gaze, while also have some decent attack powers.

Looks like Zoid turned into a like form again.

Big hps jump for Zoid with the powerful Flame spell and some powerful physical attacks. Nice.

The last and strongest of the mini-bosses awaits us, the Watchers!

The Watchers are like the Gazer where they have a powerful Beam attack that does heavy damage, but also have attacks to blind, paralyse, and worst of all, Stone Gaze.

Oh man, Zoid has turned into a again!

Whoa, 600 hp! And he has the powerful Beam attack as well! It safe to say that the boss of next world is in deep shit.

Yay, we won, but get no prize as fighting the monsters is the only way to get MAGI!

...Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Well with that out of the way, we can head to the next world, Sho-Gun's World!

Here is our party current status after we finished up Race World. You can tell the new Watcher Zoid is going to become a great help for a while now.


Apollo with no head!