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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 15

Welcome to Edo City, part of the much larger EDO WORLD (not Sho-Gun as I mentioned last chapter).

Anyway, besides banana, people like talking about a man named Echigoya, whose shop sells items we have never seen before.

Whoa, a lot of nice stuff here. I buy a Flare Spell book for Sara and two tents for the next world (more about that later).

Oh look, it's wannabe goons. Let's kill them.

I would comment on what these guys did, but every time I fought them on this world they would die in one hit from either Zoid or ROBO's attack.

...Edo. You Hatamotos! That wasn't the best way to greet strangers. It was impolite.

Hatamoto : Tut! We'll let you go this time!

Hana : Now that all settled, are you guys okay?

Sara : Yeah.

Zoid : Wow! She's cool!

On the way east to Hana's Town, we fought a monster who meat turned Zoid into a again.

Oh man, Zoid has some sweet moves now. Not only does she have Thunder, Ice, and Cure, but also has Whirl which does 400 damage to ALL monsters. Really useful move I must say.

Here we are, Hana's Town.

..They are really troubling us all, but we can't do anything about the big guys.

Sara : Being a dective look like a hard job.

Hana : Yeah, but I'll do it till I avenge my father.

Sara : Avenge?

Hana : Yeah. My father was investigating on Echigoya's smuggling. But he was... I've got to get Echigoya arrested!

Eric : Echigoya...we should see what's going on with him.

..Tell me or you...

Echigoya : Y..Ye..Y..Yes! I will tell you! It just came in. It's still in the harbor south.

Doesn't take long to reach the harbor where the ILLEGAL BANANA SHIPMENT is at.

Not shown is the fact Kame is a turtle.

Wouldn't be a update without some "palate" swipes of earlier monsters to fight. Boulder has high defense and can only be killed with magic, Tarantla likes to poison people, and Evil Pine is a fucking tree.

Here we are, on board the smuggler ship, is a three four dungeon, this being floor one.

Going below deck we quickly find a Laser Gun for ROBO, which does good damage to one target.

While heading to the final floor, we run into these two clowns. Anaconda likes to poison people and get first strike on our party. Fairy on the other hand is a weaker version of Zoid's current form, which means powerful thunder and ice spells while able to heal her companions.

Another item for ROBO, this being a Vulcan that sprays bullets at all monster groups for heavy damage. It's replaces the bazooka in killing monsters off.

Ooh, new shoes for Sara. The reason she gets them is because it raises the wearer's MANA up 10 points.

Taro : ...

Hana : Taro saved me from Echigoya's gangsters. Thank you, Taro!

Taro : Um..that's okay.

Hana : This ship is full of Bananas. We can arrest Echigoya! Let's hurry to the Court!

Sara : We'll come with you!

Yay, a new party member.. least she better then Lynn.

So our next objective is to reach the court house, but we are going to save that for next update.