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Part 16

Fighting our way off the ship we managed to reach the court house to the west.

But on the way there we ran into this group including the new Wyvern and Gae Bolg, who are both pretty tough Wyvern can cast powerful flame spells, but have low health. While Gae Bolg can stab for decent damage and blocks most physical attacks with it body.


Judge : Okay! Good! You go to the port, and you go get Echigoya! Good job, Hana!

Hana : Thank you veyr much, Sir!

Kame : Oh, I am so glad for you!

Hana : We finally did it, Kame!

Echigoya : Huh? What are you talking about?

Judge : Ahh officer, how was it?

Officer : Nothing like Bananas were found in the ship of Echigoyas.

Hana : Can't be! Oh, Echigoya! You hid them some place!

Echigoya : Who? Me? Hey lady? I came straight from the store. I had no time to do that!

Judge : Thank you for your time, Echigoya. You may return.

Echigoya : That is nohting, Judge. And you...Miss! Be careful from now on!

..officers be on Echigoya's side?

Eric : Don't be too suspicious, Hana.

Kame : I thought I could get some clue if I got into Echigoya. But they found me and..

Hana : Oh, Kame..

Eric : Here they come! Hide!

Officer : Somebody sneaked into Echigoyas and he ran this way. Echigoya says he looked just like Kame. Where is Kame?

Hana : He got his salary today. He must have gone on a date or something.

Officer : I see. Hana..give it up. Some big guys are concerned in this case. It's getting out of our hands.

..out anything.

Hana : That's okay. Take care of yourself now.

Sara : We can't do anything like this, Hana! Let's go see Echigoya!

Hana : You're right. I have got to do it now!

..oh we are back! Let's head back to Echigoya's shop, where this time we are not buying a Flare spell, as Echigoya is done selling illegal stuff.

Even so this is the basement of a shop, it still has monsters roaming the halls.

The knights can hit hard, but also blocks physical attacks with their shields. Too bad for them Zoid and ROBO have attacks that kill them in one hit.

We met a new monster on way to Echigoya, but the poor thing never got single attack in. Judging from the borrowed monster sprite, it would probably poisoned a character over and over.

Echigoya must be in here!

..well, then! How are the bananas?

Echigoya : You have nothing to worry they are all nice and safe.

Sho-gun : I am working so hard to keep the police quiet.

Echigoya : Oh, yes! I know that. Please do not say any more. I of course did bring extra gold just for you.

Sho-gun : Gathering MAGI costs a lot of money. I should squeeze more money from the townsmen!

Echigoya : Oh, sir! You are bad.

Sho-Gun : Ha ha ha...that is a very nice compliment. But not as bad as you, Echigoya! Ha ha ha.

..talking to? Come on fellows!

The Hatamotos once again never get a single action in, as they are killed instantly by Zoid thunder! Echigoya on the other has a powerful laser gun, but it does only 300 damage and he is quickly killed.

Ohh, a vulcan! ROBO will make great use of this thing.

..I..I don't know anything..*dies*

Kame : Please don't give up, Hana!

Taro : I will do away with that Sho-gun! My task is to guard the MAGi from such people as Sho-gun.

Eric : Are you a Guardian?

Taro : Yes I am. do you know of the Guardians?

Eric : My father was one of you. He was called the Captain.

Taro : Captain? Oh! How is he doing?

Eric :

Taro : Oh, no! You mean he..dead? Alright, come with me to defeat Sho-gun! Hana! I will go avenge your father!

Hmm...I wonder if Taro is any better then Hana..

Well we are going to have to wait to try out our new friend, as this is a wrap for this chapter.