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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 17

With Taro by our side, it's time to storm the Sho-Gun's palace.

The Guards attack with some new monsters like Ninja and man along with the knight from Enigoya's shop. The ninja are quick and deadly while the rest are jokes that are not even worth mentioning as Taro has a fucking Murasama that can kill anything!

After wandering around the court yard for a while, I guess just enter the room and fight Sho-Gun...right?

Or...climb about eight floors of monster filled rooms.

We may have seen Phantom before in the Monster-The-Box over in Venus' World, but it doesn't make they any less annoying. They still have Absorb that can do 400 damage and heal themselfs as well. A quick bolt of lightning ends them.

Yay, the second floor..only like five more floors of monsters that slowly wear down my life.

:bubblewoop: treasure! Inside we find Body Potion, Ninja Glove, and Missiles. We give ROBO the missiles, which hit every monster on screen for about 300 damage, have Eric drink the body potion, and give Sara the ninja glove.

At least on the bright side, this place has a lot of good treasure, including some that allows Eric to actually hit his target!

This not being one of them. Man, humans are annoying to play sometimes when all they do is miss.

Dragon Shield is neat and all, but with the Aegis MAGI, it redundant.

After scaling many floors we reached the Sho-Gun, but first let's take this Samuari Bow that goes to Eric. Very handly, as not only it raises his Agility, but he always hits with it.

This is the big evil in this world? Bah, he probably looks like weak, but probably stronger then Venus and Ashura combined..

Or he dies after one round, only using a RIDDLE move that does nothing.

Wait, so his "daddy" is a giant ancient demon? Then why isn't he cool then!

And Magnate suddenly teleports us to the roof for a epic battle! But first let's talk to that fish statue over there...

There is no point in fighting the Dolphin, which only appear in this room and never are seen again. But since they have a unique sprite, it's just worth fighting at least one. They are pretty tough, using some strong spells, but die after three rounds of pummeling. I get 0 gold and no meat.

Oh how hard can this guy be? His sound was a idiot who tried to confuse use with a riddle!

...things didn't go so well for our party.

..People lost in wars come here.

Eric : Then...are we all..dead?

Odin : Yes..but! I have the power to revive you! Only if you promise to fight against me someday...

I will bring you back to life from now on..., as lon gyou have the courage to keep fighting!

The first time you die in this game, you will get this scene, which is basically Odin agreeing to revive you, only if you fight him one day. If you never die, you still fight him, but with no dialog before and after the fight.

After many retries, we finally kill him.

Oh and we also get a bunch of MAGI from the fight too!

Taro :

Hana : Taro...I'm embarrassed..

ROBO : You two look great together!

Kame : Good! Good! Ho ho ho ho.

Zoid : 10 more MAGI left to go!

Sara : Let's go!

Time to enter the Nasty World...