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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 18

Welcome to Nasty World, home of the Nasty Dungeon. This is the only optional dungeon in the entire game where a number of rare items and tough monsters await. The dungeon at first has monsters from the next world, but near the end contains creatures from the Final Dungeon.

The first new monster we fight here is Fire Moth, who love to spam Flame over and over, so if they get first strike...

Most of you who played this game will remember this section at the start where you pick up the very useful Peagus MAGI, which teleports you to any town or major dungeon in the game!

The fairy does not lie..for this place is very painful. Not Parallel Worlds bad...but pretty damn painful.

The pain comes quickly for us, with new monsters Young-D(ragon), Wraith, and Catwoman. Young Dragon loves to use Flame spells and hit hard, so they are first to die. The Wraith can absorb hps away to heal themselves, and Catwoman...scratches and annoys Batman.

Another new monster is Nightmare, who are fast and can hit our party with their powerful hoofs for good amount of damage.

Ogre Axe is pretty handy, as it has a chance of causing Instant Death in a enemy.

But with that I think it a good time to leave. It's better to come back here later when you have a fifth party member, like a certain "Captain" or a Goddess.

And so we skip Nasty Dungeon for now. Time to head to the next world...Odin's World!