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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 19

Another world, another batch of palette swaps. I doubt the game is going to give us any new monster designs at this point. Anyway we got Wraith, who we seen before and Answer, is a new version of those sword enemies with the goofy names. Besides the usual stab and defend, he also has Riddle, which is a spell that attempts to confuse your party.

We have reached Valhalla Palace, home of Odin! No, we won't be seeing any other Norse Gods no Thor, Loki, or not even that Lenneth!

Even so they don't want to spent more money on their monster sprite budget (other then bosses of course)..they do make custom dungeon designs the odd floating sphere in the room.

Heading to the room on the left we find the Defend sword, which in Eric's hand..misses all the time!

Much more painful monsters await us further into the palace. Lamia are strong monsters who can cast cure, and more importantly, cause instant death with StoneGaze. Killer are nothing like their wussy First World counterpart, as they can do 300 damage easily to the party.

We find the Wizard Staff in the palace, a weapon that I should had tried before selling it, as a later fight has me finding out that it does 400 damage to all targets.

Why do I have to take pictures of all the monsters I see. Half of them get one-shot before ever attacking.

More monsters...anyway Shark is pretty much cannon folder..but Snowcat was annoying to deal, as they can cast Blizzard, which does 400 damage to all.

We about halfway into Valhalla's Palace, and we find a Dragon Helmet, which Eric happily wears to boost his defense.

Yes, we are still in, these screenshots are not me in Nasty Dungeon.

I think only two more rooms before we face Odin, but before we do, we pick up the Rune Axe, which I bet uses MANA stats for it attack, but since Sara has only one slot left for her very useful Flare gets sold.

Speaking of the Flare spellbook..we find another copy, so I won't have to worry about saving the spell for major fights now.

Yay...more shitty monsters. Too bad they are so forgettable, that I don't even remember their attacks. Next!

We nearing the end of the long dungeon. I really don't like Valhalla in this game...except the music. The music here is pretty :coal.

If you were one of three people who watched my "Failed Magnate Battle" video, you will remember seeing this area before because...

..our promise? Fight wwith me!

Eric : Tell me! Why do we have to fight with you?

Odin : I will tell you if you can win. Now come!

Sara : If we beat you, we won't be able to revive anymore, right? We can't do that!

Odin : Ha ha ha! You think can win?

Most of the time the boss fight against Odin is pretty tough, but we lucked out somehow. For the record how many pets he has will be random. It can be good like this fight, or bad and have 7 of each.

Odin Battle

..warriors ever. Now my wish has been granted..

Eric : Odin..

Odin : Oh..I'm so at ease that I feel like I'm with my dear people...

Keep in that I am must go and fight all by yourself. Farewell...

With Odin dead, we will get sent back to the Title Screen again if we die, so no more instant rematch against the boss. But anyway, it's time to leave this world and head to...

Final World! Yes, the called this world..Final World!