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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 2

As we last left off, Mr S left our party to guard the exit to that cave. No, he never joins our party again, and you can't return to the beginners town until the very end of the game. So we travel a short distance to the first town in the game.

What our father doing here?

Bah, it just a nerd who dressed like Indiana Jones. He does tell us about a rumor of MAGI being in the Ruins of the Gods.

We find out from the "Cafe" (really a bar) that a creature named Ashura is trying to become a god with the MAGI. Also, this guy looks like a years before Pokemon ever comes out.

is this thing? Looks like a black face bottle. Anyway, it runs the...

Armor shop...that not a typo, he run the armor shop that sells Hammers, Bows, and Martial Arts moves...and armor. Buy three Bronze Gloves and one Bronze Helmet for our crew (hat and glove for Eric, glove for Sara, and glove for ROBO).

Over here is the REAL weapon shop, but the stuff they sell is too pricey for us.

A helpful girl tells that the Shrine of Isis is to the west. Guess Black Adam built it for her years ago...or MAGI is found there.

For a monochrome Gameboy game, it has some not to bad graphics. Anyway, we travel west to the shrine, but get attacked by a group of Jaguars who drop...

meat, which evolves our Slime into a Toad. Not a great form, but we soon run into another that turns back into his lovable slime form.

At last, the Shrine of Isis.

Why the temple is full of friendly monsters is beyond me.

One of the monsters reveals that this is only one of many worlds. Hopefully we don't have to face our Earth-3 counterparts any time soon.

At the end of the shrine is the caretaker, the cleric Ki, who she will heal your party for free (but doesn't refill magic and robot weapons).

She seen Eric father, but it been some time since he passed through. She then tells us the rumor of MAGI being in the Relics of Ancient Gods being true (nerdy guy was telling the truth).

The location of the Ancient Ruins are hidden in the forest southwest from here, but Ki tells us the steps to reach them.

We travel west, but before we venture into the ruins, we head north to reach...

another town. This place is called...SECOND TOWN. Not much on Squaresoft here.

Not much here other then another overpriced weapon shop, a item shop, and a Inn. We rest up, buy some potions, and head out.

Heading south this time takes us to this forest, which southeast from here is the Big Rock.

Just one more step down and we enter...

the Relics of Ancient Gods.

Only one step forward and we get attack by a new enemy, lizard. We kill them easily, but after the battle the lizard drops some meat.

Which transform into

And with that we call it a day for this update.