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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 20

Here we are, the Final World, where the creators of the game got tired of making up names for worlds.

Apollo : Yes! I know you now have 76 MAGI. And I have the last the 77th one right in my hands. Either you or I will get it all.

Eric : You changed your mind? Well I don't care! I'm not gonna let you take them!

How hard the Minion is will depend on if you bought a Tent from Echigoya before you killed him in Eno World. Because there is no inn after the fight against Odin from the previous world.

But if you are fully healed, then Minion will be a wuss, as he likes using attacks like Flame or Torando, which do heavy damage, but due to it low hps, will die in a round or two.

Minion Battle

..Now let me show you something! *summons all the allies in the game* What will you do now? Give me the MAGI? Or forsake them?

Eric meant to do this from the start!

Apollo : How would you like to live as servants of Apollo, the only god!

Eric : Wait! You can't use those MAGI! It will ruin the whole world!

Apollo : HA HA HA HA! The rumor that Guardians made up? Silly! I will become a real god with these MAGI! I will make my own world! *disappears*

ROBO : No...

Zoid It's all over now.

Ki : Oh, eric..we're sorry. We couldn't do anything!

Eric : We can only wish the world to outlive...'re alive!

Father : Of course! Don't give it up yet, Eric! We still haven't found the last MAGI.

Sara : ?? But then it will make it 78 altogether.

Father : It is not true that there are 77 MAGI to the statue of goddess Isis! Apollo is still missing a MAGI.

ROBO : What?!

Father : We said there were 77 to protect them from abuses.

Zoid : Where is the last one?

Father : It's in Final Dungeon!

Oh yeah, we may have lost our MAGI, but having Eric's father back more then makes up for it.

From this point on we will shorten the discussion of random monsters we fight unless they noteworthy. That is because the game likes to bring back palette swap (in a monochrome game?) of earlier monsters, with maybe 100 more hps and a new attack.

Cocatris can turn you stone, so run or prepare to use Soft after battle, Ice Crab has a powerful blizzard spell, and Watcher has Beam that does 400 damage to a party member.

The cleverly named "Final Town" is the last outpost in the game for supplies, with a number of good armor and items. One item of instrest is DOOR, which works like the Peagus MAGI that we had briefly. This is important, because the lost of all our MAGI...we can't use the Crystal Pillars anymore.

After picking up some supplies, including a few tents (which are sold here), we enter the FINAL DUNGEON. Note, this is not the last level.

The Final Dungeon is a massive place, full of powerful monsters, forks in the road, and a weird wall texture lifted from DOOM.

One of the more nastier monsters fought in this dungeon is Dragon, who can do 400 damage with his Flame attack.

And when I mean forks in the road...I mean rooms like this where there are three choices, one leads to treasure, one is a dead end, and one is the next stairwell. This dungeon is pretty much six of these rooms over and over, so we will cut to the chase and show the treasure we grabbed.

We picked up the first treasure in the dungeon, Karate! Like all martial arts weapons, it gets stronger the less WP it has left. Too much to use, so I just give it to ROBO who gets a Agility boost from it.

We also find the Sun Sword, which really isn't that good, since Eric can't swing a sword if his life depended on it.

Ten-Gu (what does this mean) is pretty dangerous, as it knows Tornado, that does 400-500 damage to all, so it priority one in this fight. The Nymph (same thing that Zoid is currently is), are very strong, and will use the Whirl attack we been hitting the last couple of bosses with.

Many floors later we find the Arthur Armor, the best armor in the game! in Japan this was Liu Bei's armor.

Also we find the PSI Gun, which is very good in the hands of a person with his high mana, like Sara.

For a change the dungeon stop using the three way fork in the road for a traditional two way one.

Which to the right gets us the Parasuit! Ignore what I said about Arthur Armor...this IS the best armor. But there is one catch. You have to remove all other armor to use it. Other words, you can't equip it if you have a helmet, boot, glove, or armor on the character (unless it a robot). But it's defense is more then most of those items combined, plus it frees up some space in your inventory.

Deeper into the dungeon we find a Tent, which is the game figuring you will need a extra one for when you fight the boss.

Ugh..I hate the sorcerer! (S)he not only has powerful magic like Lightning, but it also has the Wizard Staff, which does 500 damage to ALL! And since there are multiples of them...

Oh and there also Falcon, but he sucks.

We are near the end, but the game decides to trick you by putting the stairs to the next floor right near where you started from. DO NOT skip this room, as the treasure in here is worth grabbing.

Because if you go either left or right, you will be lead up, where you find...the Excalibur..or XCalibr in this game! This is the best sword period, even better then the Masamume that Apollo has.

Want to know why this weapon is so good? How about I tell you the weapon not only can never break, but it hits all monsters in that row! Plus when Eric uses it...he actually hits the target!

We run into two tough monsters groups deeper into the dungeon, Naga who can turn people to stone and cast powerful spells, and Chimera who knows Flame that does 400.

For the sake of showing every monster I see, here is F-Flower...see him? Good!

Whoa...the final dungeon has a nuke hidden inside! The nuke does heavy damage to all targets, but it has one use. I think we will be saving this for Apollo.

When you see this stairwell, you are near the end of the dungeon, because after a big room where the walls slowly come together, you will reach...

The boss of final dungeon! Please use a tent before fighting, as it will be a rough one. And if you use the Nuke Bomb on him...DO NOT give it to ROBO or any Robot character.

Wait..the boss of Final Dungeon is Warmech, the optional uber boss from Final Fantasy 1? We did managed to beat Warmech, who attacks with Bash (single attack), Vulcan (400 to one target), and Nuke (500 to all).

Warmech Battle

Behind Warmech we find Tiamat the Four Fiend of Air the Heart MAGI, which used in battle will restore everyone to full health, even if they are dead!