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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 21

Since we can't travel through the Crystal Pillar anymore, we have to buy a DOOR item to go back to a previous world.

Note that this playthrough will show no monsters encounters, as all of them are creatures we fought in both Odin's World and the Final World. Anyway, we follow the path like last time, but instead of grabbing the Ogre Axe, we head north to get some more treasure.

..and Body Potion! Power potion for Eric, body for Sara.

While in here, we go ahead and morph Zoid into the Naga.

We did this because of the better stat boost, but at the cost of WHIRL.

Sorry Dragon armor, but you came too late to be useful.

We have now arrived on the third floor of this massive dungeon. I won't go into detail about "We travel east then west", as it more fun to show off the booty we find!

First we find a Speed potion for Eric, who in the fights here has been training with the Samurai Bow, which raises speed in battle. A bit too late for him..but it can't hurt to raise the stat.

Also found a Magic potion, which Sara happily drinks.

Catclaw and Vulcan, that we give both to Eric's father, as he going to run out of weapons by the end of this dungeon.

We have now arrived at the four floor. Let's see what we can find in here.

Elixir which probably get used on Sara while in here, as I only want to use the tent when all the party is running out of attacks. Also found a Laser gun, which we will save for later.

Jyudo and Dragon Sword, which both heads straight to the trash bin.

A tank, which I should had gave to Eric's Father, but I maxed out his inventory by giving him a Catclaw, extra Vulcan, and..

..the Missile launcher. This gets used up before we leave the dungeon, but Eric's dad makes good use of it in the mean time.

A tent, which decide to use in a little while from now, as it the party is getting wored down from the monsters.

Dragon helmet, that came too late for me to give a damn.

Here comes the fifth floor...

Muramasa, which would had been good before we got the Excalibur. Sadly when Eric uses it, he misses like usual.

Wizard Staff, which actually sucks. I said last time I got one that it does heavy damage...if the monster isn't strong against the effects!

Selfix is a nice item to have. If you give it to a Robot, they recover about 10 percent of their max health at the end of each turn. That may not seem like much, but when fighting hard bosses later on, it a life saver.

Defend sword, which goes to the trash can.

Spare Samurai bow, incase Eric ever uses up the old one he has, which is not likely.

Now entering the six floor!

Fifth floor is where things get rough, as the game switches out the Odin's World monsters with the Final Dungeon creatures. This goes on for three more floors until we are done with this place.

Oh and that is a fake wall by the way.

A spare Arthur armor, which ROBO can equip to replace one of the extra armors he has on.

We find a large number of items in this room. Vampric Sword, which I never used, Parasuit, which was given to ROBO to boost his defense, and PSI Gun, which I think Sara took.

The seventh floor awaits us.

Find a Karate and Sun Sword in this room. Nobody has any use for them, so they will get sold or pitched.

Hyper Cannon, which only has 3 charges (1 if given to a robot), but if used, instantly causes you to win any non-boss fights, including against Haniwa.

Another tent, which replaced the one we had used up earlier.

Here we are, the final floor! Some of the best goodies in the game are on this floor, so the trip was worth it.

This intersection here lead to various treasure, but due to this floor being massive, takes a while to reach any of them. Here are the following treasure we found on this floor..

Flare spell book, which replaced the nearly used up one Sara has on her.

Glass Sword, which other then then Seven Sword, is the most powerful weapon in the game. But the catch has only one use. I had it to Eric's Dad, who had used up the missiles at this point.

Nuke bomb, which will see use next update.

And the Gungnir Spear! This weapon hits all targets in the row, usually doing 700 damage. It only has 30 uses, and since Eric has the Excalibur already, ROBO takes it for himself.

And there we had it, the end of this long and boring update. There is a end to this dungeon, but it just shows that fairy from the beginning asking you if you thought the dungeon was hard, which if you say no, get warped back to the fifth floor.