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Part 22

Here we are, the last level.. I think it time to deal with a old "friend" of ours.

Apollo : Captain! You were alive?

Father : Apollo! using the power of MAGI is too dangerious. Listen to me, Apollo. Stop it!

Apollo : For me? Ha! Who do you think you're talking to? Besides, it's too late! I already used the MAGI! Now wait and see what happens!

Eric : Then we have to defeat you before that!!

Yes, Apollo is not the last boss, but he might as well been one...because he is VERY hard. As you will see in the video, the first few rounds he doesn't attack, as he just gloating while you hit him.

But when he morphs into a winged monster, the real battle begins. He has only two attacks, Flare, and Murusama, but they both do heavy damage. For some who never beat him before, when he starts dying, YOU MUST have at least one party member alive AND dad, or else you will be killed.

Apollo Boss Fight

Eric : Oh, Dad...

Father : ...Eric...

Eric : Come on! Don't leave me..

Father : ...

Sara : Can't we do anything?


Eric : Right! Let's do it! Hold on, Dad!

Father :

Zoid : We can't tell what gonna happen through...

Sara : Oh... so what? Go ahead, Eric! Use them!

ROBO : Do it!

Zoid : ..Eric, we believe and followed you. It's all yours.

Eric : Oh.. Sara, Robo, Zoid! Thank you.

Father : ...N.....o....

Eric : I promised mom to go back home with you, dad!

Father : ...

Eric : Now! Let's do it!

..What's happening?

Eric : Well, uh..

Isis : Oh! You don't have to tell me. I can read your mind. ...I see.

Eric : Well, my dad!

Isis : Okay! He'll be alright now.

Eric : Un...well...thank you. Maybe you really are a god.

Isis : Not really. But it doesn't matter. I've got to do something about this shaking! This might really ruin the worlds!

Eric : Aren't you a god? Can't you just stop it?

Isis : No way! Not from here anyway! I have to go to the center of the worlds. It's hard for me to get there all by myself...

You! Why don't you come wiht me! Let's see...I'm too big to move around... Okay! Now! I'm ready to go!

Eric : You know, you can be pushy.

Isis : Let's go!

Eric : Okay, okay!

Here we are folks, the most powerful character in the game. Due to the fact she was the MAGI we were collecting, she has all the unique ones in her inventory along with a Flare spell for clearing out of large enemy units.

Time to enter the heart of the last level, with the strongest monsters in the game lurking down there. Sadly you can't run from any of them except a certain optional boss we will fight later.

As for the dungeon, it pretty simple for a last level. That because most of the dungeon is a giant tunnel leading toward the Core of Worlds, with one way steps taking you down to the bottom.

Of course we can't have a last level without monsters to fight. Even so this is the final area, some monsters still are not worth mentioning. For example, why did I take a screenshot of these guys?

Sometimes I regret having to mention every monster I see. Because while most part we get some powerful monsters that grow to hate..usually it forgettable monsters like these guys.

Note that Zoid has been changing forms the last few screenshots. That because he only stayed in some of these forms for one fight before ditching them. His final form will be mentioned through.


These guys are boring.

Oh here we go, some REAL monsters (but no monsters who carry eyeballs in their hands?). Gloom is forgettable, but Garuda and Great Dragon are powerful. Garuda loves to use Tornado every turn for 400 damage to all, while Great Dragon likes to flame people for the same amount.

Scylla are medusa types monsters, which mean they know stuff like Ice and Thunder. Moaner is like every sword monster we fought in the game, but they hit hard with their stab attacks. And Bone King are boring.

One thing to note in the last dungeon. Two points in the dungeon you will come upon these MAGI shaped things, which contain a mini boss. The monster you fight can only be fought here, and the meat it produces will greatly alter the monster if they feed on it.

Other words, if you have a monster and fight this guy, make sure it drops a meat after the battle.

TianLung, the first mini-boss are very hard, as they can use Flare for about 500 damage to all. They also can scratch for about 300 as well. As I stated, make sure they drop meat after the battle or reload the game.

More monsters we seen before. Read a previous update about the monster type you see here, as it pretty much the same monster here. Next!

Yes, we are still going down this tunnel. It's a very long journey to the center of the Earth Worlds.

Sandworms can cause Quake, that does 500 Eric and only Eric. Evil Eye can use the Beam attack for 500 damage, and G-7 runs on Windows lockup.

Ugh, next LP, I won't take screenshots of every monster in the area that not noteworthy!

Heh, we killed Cancer!

Finally, we reach the end of the tunnel. But one last mini-boss waits in our path. Again reload if it doesn't drop a meat.

Fenrir the Devourer is the second mini-boss, and they love using Torando over and over. Note these guys and TangLung up there both about 2000 hps for each one, which is about how many hps Ashura had.

Finally, the last form Zoid will ever the same form he had at the start of the game?

Now Zoidberg is the strong one!

The layout changes once we step through that door. It's a rather large chamber leading to the last boss, filled with even more monsters we never seen before. Unlike the boring ones from earlier, these ones are noteworthly.

There is no treasure down here, so it best to head straight to the boss. A lot of the paths lead to dead ends, but the game generally takes you west and then up.

The Black Belt isn't really much of a threat, but the Paladin and Giant can put a hurt on if you get swarmed by them.

The first two guys here are nobodies, but Musashi is a asshole. He has about 2000 hps, and can slash your party for about 400 damage.

Rakshasa has a stupid thing, but he is pretty strong, while the Wizard can hit the party for about 500 damage.

Just because we know our way, doesn't mean it not hurt to get lose. But we are almost to the boss finally, but first we must fight..

Haniwa! He may not look it, but this guy is harder then the last boss! He can cast Flare, bash your party for 300, and use the Seven Sword to hit a party member for over 1000 damage! If you are lucky enough to win, there is a small chance it will drop the Seven Sword, which I guess is very powerful.

Haniwa - Optional Boss

..I'll get one of them. You go get the other one!

Eric : This will be our very last battle. Let's go!

Here we are, the last boss, Arsenal. He has three forms, which you can tell by the music that plays in the background. First form he uses laser cannons to hit your party for 200 - 50 damage, depending on how many left. After they are destroyed he switches to form two for two turns, where he uses Smasher over and over for 300 damage.

Then when the music changes one last time, it when the fight get serious. Arsenal uses the Smasher still, but instead of 300 damage to one, it does random damage to ALL. And the random damage can be low as 150, to high as 700!

The Last Boss - Arsenal

Isis : Thanks. We did it!

Eric : Well...what should we...

Isis : I hav eto stay here and repair things. You go back to your world.

Eric : Oh..we will. Isis, who are you really?

Isis : This world we made will be old and needs to be repared once in a long while. That's why I'm here. That's why I'm waiting as MAGI until somebody clals me from over a thousand years of a sleep. Then..again I wait.

Eric : We won't see you again, then?

Isis : No...but...your descendants might awaken me

Eric : Oh, yes...we will let our children know about you and your MAGI...The legend of our goddness, Isis!

Isis : Goodbye then. The elevator is working now. Take it back to your world!

After we are finish talking to Isis, we depart back to the surface world on a elevator that previously didn't work.

..stay here and wait for you. I didn't know that MAGI was such a thing.

Eric : I feel like I've seen more then everybody else.

Father : Ha ha your world isn't that small. I have to go and see it all!

Eric : Um..before that, dad!

Father : Oh yes! I know.

I decided to make a video of the credits, as it shows the party returning to previous worlds with their father, showing stuff like the ghost of Odin wishing them goodbye, or Venus' City having it walls tore down.


..leave now.

Eric : Again? What is it this time, dad?

Father : It's the Lost Ark, Eric!

Eric : I'm coming with you, dad!

Father : All right! Come on!

Jane : I'm not waiting around and staying home this time. Take me with you!

Father : Dear?

Eric : Great! Let's go!

And with that this thread comes to a close. Before we finish this thread up, let see how far our party has come.

Eric has got a lot stronger since being a young man from First World. While he never did become great at using swords (other then Excalibur), he has been a great asset to our party.

Sara may have bad hps, but she makes up for it with the powerful magic she learned over the course of the game. Plus side items like the Heal Staff and PSI Gun help make her very useful.

ROBO got a lot stronger over the course of the game, which is easy when you throw a sword on his arm and he uses it to boost his power. The Gungir Spear was probably his best weapon.

Zoid has gone through many forms, but in the end it was his original form that defined things. The P-Blast does heavy damage and quickly become his best attack after he gained this form at the last level.

Well that's all for Final Fantasy Legend II.