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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 3

As we last left off, we just enter the Ancient Relics of the Gods...which I am now on shorting to Ancient Ruins for the rest of this update.

Entering the ruins we come to a corridor with a path going three way. With the magic of Save States, we determine the doorway is empty, so we skip it and head left.

Up north is some stairs which we travel down to reach the second floor of this ancient ruins.

We come out the stairs in the bottom of room, where we travel north. The room ahead has a treasure chest, but it empty.

Heading east, we find the stairs to the third floor, and another room with a empty treasure chest. Looks like this ruins has been ransacked recently.

We have arrived on the third floor. East takes us deeper into the dungeon, but west takes us to...

Cure potions! The bandits only seem to be after the MAGI that was stored here. We travel east this time after we reach the stairwell.

On the way east we run into this guy, Fly. Flies are jokes, while they come in large numbers, they miss almost every attack. And when they do hit you, it only does 5 damage. Yet they are also hard to hit, but one Fire spell from Sara wipes them out.

Traveling north we run into the Frog, which Zoid was previously transformed briefly. They are not much trouble alone, but in groups they can be dangerous.

Reaching north we enter a corridor that pretty linear, going west, then south.

Killing one of the flies give us some meat, which evoles into

Skeleton Zoid has better hps then Baby Wyrm, but has a weakness to fire. But since no monster has spells yet, this is not a problem.

Reaching the end of the linear connidor we enter the fourth floor, where we meet our bandit friends in the middle of looting more MAGI.

The treasure chest they were opening were empty, but the ones in the room near by had MAGI of Power, Speed, and Magic.

Opening the MAGI menu, we equip the Power on Eric, Magic on Sara, and Speed on ROBO. Zoid will just have to wait.

We manage to catch up with the bandits, but they already run out the door as we reach them.

On the way out we fight another Fly, which drops the meat that turns Zoid from a into but more Zoidberg in appearence.

Oh yeah, this form is great for Zoid. Tentacle hits hard and he has high hp. Weakness to thunder, but it not a big deal for the moment.

We find some dead Guardians, that Ashura's men killed on the way out. After talking to them we head back to The Temple of Isis to talk to Ki.

Ki is disgusted by this action of Ashura and decides to join our party for the time being.

Ki is better equipped then Mr S, and she stays around until we beat Ashura Base that coming up next update.

Well that the end of this update. Here our current party hps while we are still inside the Temple of Isis.