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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 4

First thing first, we head to "Second Town" and pick up a SMG for ROBO. Handy gun that hits every enemy in that row. Very handy when you have a large number of Jaguars that you rather not waste your weapons durable on killing.

But this time we head east from the Second Town, which takes us to...

Ashura's Base! Note we don't acually get to fight Ashura himself yet. His time will come later. Normally you can't enter, but if you take Ki with you, you can enter the base.

Oops...looks like I entered the military base from "Day of the Dead" on mistake.

Monsters in Ashura's base are a mixture everything we fought on First World so far. Note the new spells that Sara has.

Anyway, we venture deeper into the base, avoiding the zombies. After following the path, we reach the stairway to the second floor.

Wow, this is a rather looking dungeon so far. Other then the zombies, there isn't really anything noteworthy.

are jokes like almost every monster we fought on this world.

Third floor is more of the same. What with the weird security tv stations that found throughout this base?

But the third floor is not a complete waste. We find a speed potion, that we give to Sara. It very obvious this was working when we fought a monster battle and quickly had Sara cast a spell that killed the monsters in one hit.

We now have reached the fourth floor is this base. And why are there door knockers on the walls?

Taking the left path we find Sliver Gauntlet, which we give to Sara to boost her defense a little bit. We then head to the right and go upstairs, where we find...

. The axe is given to Eric to replace his worn out Hammer. Afterwards we head east, where we reach a rather large door.

Of course it can't be a dungeon without a boss.

Unlike Baby Wyrm, I don't feel the need to capture a movie of this fight. He manages to get a hit in, but he dies quickly to Sara's Ice, ROBO's SMG, Zoid's Tentacle, Eric's axe, and Ki's Thunder spell.

, he was a rhino a minute he is a lion!

Guess Ashura forgot about these then. We got a Fire, Ice, and Defense MAGI. Heard the Fire and Ice MAGI affects are reversed in this game.

Look, it's the classic RPG Cliche, "Collapsing Castle Law".

We have now reached the end of the world. No, Lavos is not coming. For stepping on this weird vine pillar will take us to Crystal gateway that connects all the worlds in the game.

Ki leaves as we step on the title to head to the Crystal Pathway. We will be seeing her very soon.

We run into no monsters up here, so we follow the path to the another vine pillar that takes us to...

Ashura's World! And with that we call it a day for this update.

We leave you with on our party current hps. Future updates won't have "We head east to the stairs"in dungeons.