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Part 5

Well it time to take out Ashura once and for all. This update will cover all of Ashura's World, including my fight against the main man.

Heading into the town we saw at the end of last update, we quickly finds thing are a bit odd in this town.

For example, there are monsters in this town. You may remember this guy from the video from the first page, but he now is a regular enemy here. A quick Ice spell takes care of the group.

We also run into the enemy trio of Snake, Knight, and Flower. Knight is a bit tough, but his friends are jokes. After finishing off the monsters, we head into th e "cafe" for a drink. We pay the bartender 10 pieces and receive this tip.

It must be Ashura's Tower! Go 7 to east and 7 to south from the cactus south of
this town. You see another cactus there. The tower is south of it.

Heading south from town we enter a sandstorm, where the only visiable object is this cactus. While following the directions the bartender gave us, we run into a couple new monsters.

The zombies from the previous chapters in Ashura's Base would gave us a fight with these guys, but we managed to avoid them. They are not much of a threat, and a quick Flame spell elimates both.

While Barracud and Eagle are brand new, they pose no real threat for our party.

These guys are a bit tougher to deal with. The Geodude ripoff has high defense, so only spells seems to hurt him. And Wererat regenerates hps after each turn.

Finally we reach the second cactus, which if we walk south of it, we end up in front of...

Ashura's Tower. Also nearby is Ashura's Town, which we decide to stop by for a second.

One of the town folks in Ashura's Town reveals that Ashura used to be a goblin before he used MAGI on his body, transforming him into a three headed demon. No monsters in this town, so we head to the Inn, rest, and head out to Ashura's Tower.

Ashura's Tower is the biggest dungeon yet, with ten floors full of tough monsters, a mini-boss, and Ashura's himself.

Second floor is not much of a problem. The pillars here are only trying to slow us down.

Third floor is more of the same. For the record, the monsters attack us almost every five steps here. Thankfully Sara can kill them in one hit with her Flame spell.

So this is what that bizzare black faced bottle was meant to represent this beetle monster. Beetles act like the Flys from the Ancient Ruins, where they miss most of their attacks, but also hard to hit with weapons.

Fourth floor starts off good with this treasure chest containing a Sabre sword. We replace Eric's Bow he had with this.

Appears the fifth-floor is Ashura's jail, as we can see a man who looks like Eric's father in the cell.

The jailer is a Woodman, who strong, is a total pushover thanks to Sara's flame spell.

The man we find doesn't seem to be Eric's father. But the man named Mask decides to join our party for the rest of the dungeon. But since he was in jail, he has no items yet, so he can't fight until we reach the sixth floor.

Reaching the sixth floor, we find Mask equipment.

Oh yeah, Mask is a must-have for the rest of this dungeon. Without him, Ashura would be almost impossible to beat.

Heading to the seventh floor, we find Colt, which we give to Sara.

Only two more floor to go before we fight Ashura.

Of course the game doesn't stop sending monsters after our party. The Octopus here is same type as Zoid current monster form. Like Zoid, it weak against lightning, but isn't much of a threat for our party.

We reach the next to last floor. Inside the chest we find a Sliver Shield.

At last the final floor. Ashura wanted to make it a fair fight be leaving four treasure chest by the walls. Inside we find a Battle Sword, Sliver Helmet, Power Potion, and Magic Potion. We give Eric the Battle Sword and Power Potion, and give Sara the Sliver Helmet and Magic Potion.

Climbing the stairs we finally reach the big boss himself, Ashura. Like all good villains, he gives his villain rant before fighting us.

Ashura : HA! HA! Well, hello. I was about to send someone to tell you...that...My men already micronized and
went inside Ki's body!

Eric: What did you do to her?!

Ashura : Ki was born with MAGI in her body which gave her the power of healing. I get those MAGI and she fails!!...Killing 2 birds with
1 stones...

Well...Now I get yours and that'll make it 3 birds!

As you will see in the video, Ashura is a tough son of a bitch. He has a powerful flame spell he can use to drop most of the party down to near death, hit you with his powerful SIX ARM attack, and put a party member to sleep. After three tries, we finally beat him with Mask's Hammer.

Ashura Boss Fight

With Ashura dead we received seven MAGI, which are Power, Fire, Ice, Thunder, Speed, Magic, and Poison. The party members already equipped with Power, Magic, and Speed automatically get the second MAGI piece added to the one they already had on.

And with Ashura dead, our mask friend departs.

We can call it a day for this update. Here is the current stats for our party members, which you can tell we gain some experience in Ashura's Tower.