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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 6

After Mask left our party, the game automatically took us back to the Temple of Isis. Ki was in too much pain to talk, so we speak to her attendant.

The only way to get inside a body is to micronize! Giants should know how. Oh! Yes! Ki told me to give you this ...

Please ask the Giants how to micronized and save her!

With that was head to Giants' World, which is pass Ashura's World on the Crystal Path.

South of the Crystal Pillar is a town which is creatively called...Giants' Town!

Oh great...the Giants have all left this world.

Seems the Giants left some of their stuff in this town, so there still might be a chance to save Ki. Shopkeep doesn't answer our questions, so we decide to sneak around the building when we run into...

Father : Uh? Eric?

Eric : Yeah!! Remember me?

Father : Of course! Oh, Eric how's Mom?

Eric : She's fine and Waiting home for us. Let's go home together, Dad!

Father No, I can't yet.

Eric : For MAGI? But, we defeated Ashura!

Father : There are more those like Ashura going after MAGI.

Eric : MAGI, we've got some! here!!

Father : You're gathering them, too?! Then, take this!

Father : Nobody would imaginze that kids like you have such a thing.

Eric : I'm not a kid anymore.

Father : We'll meet again as long we go after MAGI. I'll come home with you then.

Eric : Promise?

Father : Yes. I promise.

Eric : Okay, Dad...promise.

After talking to Eric's Dad, we managed find the back door to the Giants' Shop.

Eric : Where do you get those Giants' goods?

Shopkeep : WAAA!!! Gee, where did you come from? You surprised me...I got them from the Giants' Town.

Eric : How did you get in?

Shopkeep : Johnny told me how. But, don't tell anymore else. I'll be out of business.

Looks like this Johnny used to be a giant before he somehow managed to shrink. Let ask him some questions.

That man that Giants' Shop told you? Okay...there is a spot in the stairs in the northern part of Giants' Town. It is colored differently than the others. You can get in from there.

Good, then I will tell you another clue! You can climb up the shelves in Giants' Town!

And so we are off to the abandoned Giants' Town. On the way there we run into this guy. He is a tougher version of the Octopus, but other then higher a pushover.

Also run into this guy..our wussy boss friend from Ashura's Base. He can hit hard, but he rarely shows up in groups.

So, this is the mis-color step that Johnny was talking about.

Stepping through we come out on top of the steps and near one of the houses. The first house we come to is locked until we get more MAGI through.

But this second house south of it has no resistion.

Inside the house we find a Poison and Power MAGI. With those two we head back to the first house.

On the way up there we run into this new group of monsters. Sliver is fast, but weak, Crab is can hit your party with their pinchers for 60 damage, and ROBO-28 can fire rockets that do heavy damage.

The crab drops some meat, which turns into (that smilie is not a very good choice for a worm).

Zoid worm is stronger then his Octopus form, but his attack is pretty crappy.

Anyway, we at last reach the first house again, which this time lets us in.

On the table we can see the micronizer thing. Also there two treasure chests in the room containing Geta Shoes and a Gold Shield. Eric takes both items.

Two more monsters we haven't fought before. Worm like the current Zoid form has good stats, but a shitty attack. And imp is strong, but about the same as the worm.

The fiend drops some meat, which turns into (closest to a demon).

A slight decrease in hps, but better then the worm.

are acually pretty tough. They fight with guns, which do 70 damage each...and since they come in a pack of seven...I will be sure to lose a party member before they die.

Finally we find the Micron, which will allow us to shrink. With this we head back to the Temple of Isis.

And with that another update is over. Last check of our party stats before I close this update out.