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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 7

Time to enter her body...also, why does Ki have a bald spot on the top of her head?

For a grayscale 8 bit does a pretty good job making the dungeon look like it really inside the human body.

The goal in this dungeon is to retrieve seven MAGI that scattered throughout her body. We head to her right arm first.

Besides the odd notion of having being inside a female body...we meet the newest enemy, Samurai. They are a upgraded Asigaru, with attack with newer swords like Battle, along with older ones like Long sword.

Oni are the newest version of the goblins...which means they are pansies. Woodman on the other hand are pretty tough. We fought one before as the mini-boss in Ashura's Tower, but fighting multiples can be tricky. Good thing they can die to one blast of a fire spell.

We find the Fire MAGI on the tip of one of her fingers. The game is kind in this dungeon and automatically wraps me out of the room when I collect the MAGI.

Going with the theme of being inside the human body, we fight some virus which does nothing but cast Poison over and over. They tend to die in one hit from a Ice spell or ROBO's SMG gun.

On the way to the left arm we find some meat (forget which monster this was from) that turns into (okay that a pot leaf, but it the only plant smilie we have).

New attacks sucks, but he has way better stats and his hps gets a boost too.

Time to tackle the left arm for another MAGI.

Rather uneventful trip, with no new monsters in this limb. We collect the Ice MAGI and warp out.

Meet another body related creature on the way to the heart. Plasma here loves to use the absorb attack...which can get really annoying fast. Like Gripple, they are weak against Ice and also hate the SMG gun.

Another new monster fought is Cobble, who has high defense and pretty decent offensive abilities. Magic is the only thing that works on these guys, as they can absorb most physical attacks with ease.

We have now reach the heart of the matter.

While in the heart we run into the Conjurer, who does nothing but cast cure on his party members. Best bet to kill them first so you don't have long dragged out fight.

We find the Defense MAGI at the end of the heart.

After warping out of the heart we head down the path to the right leg, since the heart and right leg are one side of the body, while the stomach and left foot are on the other side (separated by the dungeon fleshy barrier thing).

Nothing new to report in the right foot (we go down the leg and into her foot), so we collect the Thunder MAGI and backtrack until we reach the fork in the road that takes us to the other side.

Along the way we collect some new meat that turns Zoid from a into once more. Yes, it says amoeba in the game text, but it a octopus creature.

Oh this is nice indeed. Not only we got absorb, which comes in handy, but we got Acid, a nice spell that hits all monsters onscreen for medium damage.

After making it back to the other side we enter her stomach, which is the largest area of the body.

That because it goes from her large intestines to her small intestines.

But at the end of it we finally find the Speed MAGI and warp out of that room.

Traveling further down her body, we reach the left leg.

Nothing noteworthy happen in the left foot, so we collect the Poison MAGI and exit out.

Now we got six MAGI from the various parts of her body we can at last collect the last piece inside her brain!

But the game does not lets us waltz in and grab the last piece without a boss fight.

The Phagocyt can be a very hard boss fight if you come unprepared. They fight like the previous Plasma, where they use Absorb for their main attack, but it does more damage. Ice is their only weakness, so mutants are in luck for this fight.

After we defeat the boss we collect Mana MAGI and exit out of her body. For the record, we can never return to this dungeon.

Ki is grateful that we saved her, but we don't really get a reward other then keeping the seven MAGI we got out of her body.

Now that we got more MAGI we can open the doorway to the next world...Apollo's World! This is a massive area that will take three updates to cover, as there three big dungeons here, with a lot of stuff to cover.

And with that we wrap up another chapter.