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Part 8

Arriving on Apollo's World we waste no time fighting a new monster, this being the griffon. Tough creatures in group...but when they appear alone like this they fall pray to my party might.

Heading south from the Crystal pillar we reach Apollo's Palace.

It appears Apollo just recently become a god using MAGI...much like Ashura. Dunno if he can be trusted or not. Before we speak to Apollo we must post a link to his kick ass theme music.

Apollo's Theme

"I'd like to show my gratitude for defeating Ashura."

"Eric : Why are you doing this?

Apollo : I have enough power already. I do not need anymore. I hear we stlil have some MAGI
in our world. The clues is left in a riddle."

"You must be able to solve the riddle. Good luck."

We decide to take up the second riddle that Apollo told us, so we head south to this harbor town.

Looks like this "Neptune" is what Apollo was talking about.

Hmm...looks like we can enter the sea from south of this town.

Fishman was right...we are under the ocean. Now that we are under the sea (insert Little Mermaid joke here), we should search for this Neptune.

I see science was correct...Neptune is really a underwater volcano (hench this chapter name). The lava does minimal damage to the party leader, being Eric in this case.

Too bad for Eric that there is a ton of lava in this dungeon.

Of course no dungeon is complete without new monsters to fight. Virus is just like Gripple from Ki's Body...where it does nothing but cast Poison on the party. Wyrm Kid is a upgraded Baby Wyrm, which can be trouble for our party if they can come in numbers. And Chameleon are just annoying buggers who are not strong, but don't seem to die to spells like the rest of the baddies.

After slaying these creatures we get some new meat that turns Zoid from into .

Got a pretty decent stat boost, but attacks are pretty bah.

Another batch of baddies confront us we are about ready to enter the second floor. Tortoise are hard to kill with weapons, as they not only have high defense, but they love to enter their shell and be immuned to all melee attacks that turn. Phagocyt is the same creature from inside Ki's body. And Raven are just shitty monster that die in one hit from most attacks.

Second floor is not that large of a room, just more lava and more monsters.

While on the second floor we get another meat that turns back into a creature.

Oh yeah, this upgraded Slime is badass. Better stats, stronger asborb, and a secondary attack to stun the enemy (which I will never use)...makes us a happy camper.

Third floor offers us some treasure in the form of Power Drink and Gold Sword. Eric takes both for himself in order to further boost his attack powers.

is attacking us! Oh wait, it just a Big Eye that likes to blind our party, which is very annoying.

Also run into two more monsters on the third floor. Ghoul is a upgraded zombie, who has a pretty tough nail attack. And mapleman just...there. A flame spell from Sara turns them both into dust.

Fourth floor is pretty cool as we not only find a Fire Spell book (which like weapons don't regenerate after a rest at the inn), but also a Healing pond. While it doesn't restore ROBO and Sara's attacks, it does fill our hps to the max.

One more floor to go, but first we have to deal with Hofud (which I have no idea where they programer thought up this name). Hofud love to either defend (which like Tortoise doesn't take damage from Melee attacks that turn) or slash at you for decent damage.

At last the final floor, which at the end are some MAGI that Apollo had told us about.

But before we get the treasure, we must fight Jelly, which are the same as Zoid current void. If you remember the stat screen we showed that Jelly hate we just use Flame and quickly destroy them.

Oh yeah, three MAGI for us to keep. Besides the Poison and Fire MAGI, we also received the True Eye, which will come in handy later on.

And with that another update has come to an end.