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Final Fantasy Legend II

by Rirse

Part 9

After solving the mystery of the fire under the water, we check on the first riddle Apollo gave us, regarding wind underground. My leads point this town to be the source of the first riddle.

Appears the mountain caves are ruled by a creature known only as Dunatis. A suspect a boss fight is in our future.

Hmmm...a creature that sings underground. But before we head out to the caves we talk to the townfolks.

Hmmm...Lynn, we should visit her house to see if this is true.

So, Lynn went to the mountains as well? I guess we will run into her while we look for this Dunatis fellow.

Okay, enough with the talking and more with the battling.

Of course the Dunatis Caves are not without monsters, like this Moth monster who looks a lot like a turkey. And like a turkey, it gets slaughter.

Hmmm...the cave doesn't seem that impressive so far.

Oh, there another entrance, as we are on the wrong side. Oh well, we got these :krad: Hermes Shoes for Sara for our trouble.

On the way out we ran into this group. We met Jelly last update, but Kelpie and P-Spider are new. Kelpie are fast and like to hit the party for about 60 damage. P-Spider likes to use paralyze on our party, but is far from a threat.

Now that we are back on the overworld, we find the second entrance to Dunatis Caves.

Yep, this was the correct path, as we reach the stairwell that saw from the eariler screenshot.

Medusa can be a bitch if you are not careful. They know Stonegaze, which is consider a instant death attack, so best to care some Soft to heal the party member after battle.

Second floor went by uneventful, other then meeting medusa and some previous seen monsters.

Nice, we found a rocket for ROBO on the third floor.

We have made it to the fourth floor. Where is Lynn and Dunatis at already?

On the way we got some meat that turned Zoid from into

Not bad attacks for the now zombie Zoidberg.

A warning to anyone who is playing this game when you reach this spot in the fourth floor, you can't leave the next area until you beat the boss, so save at this point because...

Lynn hit the SUPER HAPPY FUN SLIDE button and fall down the hole!

Before we speak to Lynn we head left to pick up a Elixir from the chest. We will save this for later in the game when we will really need it.

But...I fell down the slope and got stuck down here. Dunatis is in my way ahead and I can't go back the way I came.

Eric : Let's go together! We'll take you home.

Yay, a new party membe...

Why me?

, Dunatis is a fucking :psylon:

So we fight Dunatis, who isn't too bad as long you are in good shape. He has a SMG gun like ROBO which can hit for 150, which is bad news. Like other bosses I recorded a video of the fight. For the record we get three MAGI after we destroy it.

Dunatis Battle

Eric : What? Dad?! Why is bumming around in a place like this? I thought he was a hero!

So Eric's father had a affair with Lynn mother, or is this all a act?

and gather MAGI. What else can we do?

Sara : Right. We've came this far. We can do it all!

Eric : Alright. Let's do it! And I'll triump over him!