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Part 29: The Bonga Bugle, Part 2: Journalism Edition

Update 29: The Bonga Bugle, Part 2: Journalism Edition

This Update in the LP:
- Bwah ha ha ha!
- The Cringiest Interview!
- Unlimited Power!


Hello, hello! FFTA2 LP Head Editor here. This update, we're continuing our jaunt into journalism.

Let's pick up where we left off: Goldsun!

: This month: an inquisitive inquiry into the Field of Hidden Treasure! Can we uncover the mystery of this mysterious place!? How could treasures just appear within the earth? What strange, unnatural laws govern this glittering generation?

: Some legends say there's even more: a treasure that lies buried beneath the others! ...So, let's get on with the unearthing of mystery... and treasure, shall we?

: So, this is a treasure hunt? Cool! Sounds like fun!

: You can't find treasure using your nose alone... which is why I'm giving you this Treasure Detector! Oh, and do be sure to return it. The Owner kindly lent it to me... and I'd rather he didn't find out. Ahem! Allow me to quote the high informative instruction manual. Let's see...
"1. Walk all around!
2. You'll eventually get a reaction from the detector!
3. Dig! Did like your life depended on it! Dig for all you're worth!
4. Treasure shall be yours! Bwah ha ha ha!"

: ...Or some such. So, shall we? Let's try digging in... oh I don't know... three places this time around. Dig much more than that, and there won't be anything left for me - erm... it might damage the environment! Right then! Let's see some treasure finding! Begin!

: Okay! Look out treasure, here I come!

Right, this is another non-combat quest. Certain points on the map contain treasure. Stand on one, as we're doing here, and you can scan for treasure.

You can find Small, Large and Very Large treasures.

Don't bother with Small treasures, unless you're trying to finish as quickly as possible.

Large treasures contain equipment. This is barely a step above starter equipment, but this is a pretty low-level quest.

Very Large treasures are slightly more valuable pieces of equipment.

Now, the law says we aren't allowed to attack.

Really that means it's illegal to use the Attack action! Abilities are perfectly legal.

Move the Editor and find a special treasure!

Well that's a little disappointing.

I explored every treasure tile and found several small treasures, two Large treasures and a single Very Large treasure. Here's a map:

.. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
.. ---------------------
01|X         X   !   X  |
02|                  O  |
03|    O O X            |
04|    O O       L      |
05| X                O  |
06|O           X     X  |
07|X                    |
08|    O           X O  |
09|__X____ X   X       X|
10        |_____________|
L = Your starting position.
! = the Head Editor.
O = a rock or other obstacle.
X = treasure!

Map courtesy of GameFAQs, of course.

: Ho ho! The mystery unravels before our eyes! And treasure! Such treasure! Muah hah hah... Not bad for a day's work, eh? And what a report I've composed! One of my finest, I dare say.

: Hey, that's great! I'm looking forward to the... Huh? Um, Head Editor... what are you doing? Isn't this the part where you go back to the office and write?

: Erm? Eh, well I was just going to dig a little... right.

The Bonga Bugle: Goldsun Edition posted:

This Month in the Bugle:
Field of Hidden Treasures!
That's what they call it, but no matter how much I dig, I get nothing!
Diddly-squat! Why!?

That's the real mystery here.

Other Headlines:
-Dig Like You Mean It! Man Digs Hole After Hole, Finds Nothing
-Rescue Operation! Man Falls In Hole, Can't Get Out
-Hole-Digger Sent To Infirmary With Serious Injuries
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Hole-Digging - Just Say No."

A Word From Our Editor:
Why do treasures come spilling from the depths of the earth? Did some mysterious mage cast magicks to put them there? Did some kindly soul sneak out and bury them in the dark of night for our amusement?

Some say it's just some rich house slinging its rubbish. And you know what they say about one man's rubbish!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle, from the infirmary.


- Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

One of the annoying parts of this game is how unclear the connections between different quests are.
Well, it's not annoying when you're playing the game, really. Things unlock organically as you fulfill requirements and unlock new locations, making things feel a little deeper and more connected.
But it makes planning LP updates a pain! Especially because this game wasn't as beloved as FFT or FFTA, so there's much less information about how quests are unlocked.

Anyway, my point is, this quest unlocks a new area that several other quests take place in.

It's been a while since we killed a bunch of undead.

: S-So... we're here reporting on haunts and their haunts, s-so to speak... A-And one s-such haunt is h-here, the most forbidden of forbidden places, Shadeholme!

: *gulp* N-Not that there's any such thing as ghosts, right? Right!?

: Hah! Ghosts? No, never seen one. By the way, what's that behind you?

: A-Aaauuugh! A ghooost! A real ghooooost! M-Must hold on t-t-to auntie's g-g-good luck charm! I-I'll be over here ex-exorcising - I mean ph-photographing everything! You just c-carry on!

: Hmph. Fine, we're fighting these ghosts... and keeping our charge safe.

They're undead. They're around level 20. This isn't exactly exciting.

There's a big treasure chest! Faerie Shoes aren't the worst reward.

We have all the usual tools: Monks with Exorcise, Lenolia's Phoenix, plenty of Cure and Cura, and so on.

Also there's apparently traps?

We don't end up exorcising all of them for once. We kill them so quickly it isn't an issue.

: Hrmm? What? You mean, YOU drove the ghosts off? Ah ha ha ha ha! What vivid imaginations you have!

: ...Regardless, you've helped me to craft another masterpiece of fine reportage. I shall make for my desk at once, and commit this tale of paranormal perturbation to paper!

: Bah, close enough to the truth for your paper. Which I'm looking forward to reading, incidentally.

: Ah ha ha! Thank you, thank you.

Shadeholme ends up being pretty important for a lot of end-game sidequests. We'll be back here soon!

The Bonga Bugle: Silversun Edition posted:

This Month in the Bonga Bugle:
Hunting The Haunts!
A fierce battle to the undeath ensues between our heroic Head Editor and the forces of ghostliness. We've got the scoop here!

Other Headlines:
-I Ain't Afeared Of No Poltergeists! Now Taking Orders For "Auntie's Anti-Haunt
-Debate: Is Our Head Editor Afraid of Ghosts?
-Special Column: Our Head Editor Weighs In: "Me And Auntie - The Meaning Of After Life"

A Word From Our Editor:
My auntie's an awfully gentle soul. When I was but a boy, I'd come home crying, and she'd sing me a song, or give me a treat, and I'd feel all right. I'll never forget your kindness, auntie! Just stop haunting me!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle


Reporting assistants wanted.
- Head Editor, Bonga Bugle

Hey look, actual journalism! An interview and everything.

Raise your hand if you think this interview will go well.
If you raised your hand, go reread the last update.

: As part of our special on Galmia Pepe this month, we'll be interviewing a representative from Galmia P.R.!

: And... we're not alone! Reporters from sundry less prestigious papers are here, and we can't let them beat us!

: Unseemly creatures, them.

: Grah! Not -them-! One of these days, I'll bury them and their paper... I swear it! Assistant! Do not let them beat you - no matter the cost! You get that interview first!

: Okay, start reporting!!! Get going! Grow wings and fly if you have to!

: A viera... with wings? That is a most peculiar image. Though I would rather see that, then see myself defeated here. We make for Galmia P.R. at once!

Their typo, not mine. Should be "than".

So I forgot about the law when I was picking out the team. Not really a problem, we'll just send her to get the interview.

And we'll buff her a bit to make it go faster.

Since we have a viera going for the interview, this battle only has a couple rounds to develop.

And they aren't very threatening enemies. If the MP system was different and the casters could actually cast, sure, they'd be something of a threat. But as it is? Not at all.

Anyway, the battle ends when you place a unit in from the Galmia P.R. person.

: This will be the greatest interview of all time! I spent literally hours at my desk thinking of questions, you know! Well then, here goes...

: I... seem to have misplaced my question sheet. I...I can't think of anything!

: I... I am sure you will be able to improvise, yes? I eagerly await the day I might read your article.

: Th...thank you...

Like several quests, this one is timed. No idea what the rewards are, if it's just loot then it probably doesn't matter.

The Bonga Bugle: Ashleaf Edition posted:

This Month in the Bugle:
Galmia Pepe!!!
An exclusive interview with a Pepe employee!

Q: Tell us, what's your favorite direction?
A: You mean, like... a compass direction? Um, North, I guess?

Q: In your opinion, which eye would you say you blink more, the left or the right?
A: Um...don't they blink at the same time?

Q: Are you the kind who can't sleep without a light on in the room?
A: When you are going to ask me real questions?

Q: Why have you answered all my questions with questions?
A: Right. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Other Headlines:
-Mystery! The Case Of The Missing Memo Pad
-Hit Song: "Making It Up Is Hard To Do."
-Head Editor's Words To The Wise: "Unprepared? Be prepared to deal with angry people."

A Word From Our Editor:
Did you know that spiffy hat I'm always wearing is a bona fide Galmia Pepe?

I got a discount, of course.

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle


This one's pretty fun.

It's just a straightforward, all-out battle against a handful of monsters.

Not exactly a challenge at this point, but it's fun to go all out.

: This month we're looking at power, and lots of it! So, I'll be having you fight some monsters, to see what happens! Sound good? Just how powerful are our clans? I plan to find out!

: Yes... I am ready!

: Be sure to slay those monsters as speedily as you can - it makes for a better photo! Ah ha ha ha!

: ...Incidentally, I could polish them off in one round. Why? Because I'm -that- powerful, that's why!!! Now get chopping!

: The Head Editor says much, but means little. No matter. It is time for Clan Sawyer to show its true colors!

I don't think that means what you think it means, Lenolia. Also, I really like Adelle's line here:

: You... just go on thinking that, Head Editor! Okay, it's time to show what Clan Sawyer can do!

As the Head Editor hinted, this mission is timed. There's no time limit, but you get a reward based on how long you take to finish the battle.

The law forbids harming characters will levels lower than ours. The weakest enemy is this level 36 Nidhogg, everything else is level 37 or 38. Fortunately, we still have a few people at level 36.

This is pretty indicative of what we're seeing from the enemies in this battle. It's a little disappointing.

I keep forgetting that Magick Frenzy hurts your friends.

Four targets with one spell. ~75 damage on average, give or take. I love Summoner.

Honestly, the enemies don't really get a chance to hurt us.

Hey look, Ultima! There's no kill like overkill.

Anyway, it doesn't take long for us to blender our way through the enemy.

: Heh heh... A little more and you might even give me a run for my gil! I'll have to keep in shape! Now, off to my office to record the gallantry of the day!

: You are satisfied, I see. Looking forward to reading the article!

: Thank you, thank you.

If you take 1 - 3 rounds, you get a Nirvana. You can get this from the Moorabella auction several hours before this quest is available.

If you take 4 or more turns, you get the Brilliant Theorbo! This is the reward from Hurdy's instrument hunt if you don't get the extra ingredient.

I have no idea what the rewards are for later rounds. It really shouldn't take you that long, and I doubt the rewards are any good.

The Bonga Bugle: Mistleaf Edition posted:

This Month in the Bugle:
Power Beyond Reckoning, Reckoned!
Clan Sawyer Results:
"Strong To The Extreme"
I remember, he ran up to me and said:
"Hey Head Editor, you okay? You just leave that big guy to me! You've got your back problems to think of!"
(Want to read more? Look inside)

Other Headlines:
-Required Reading: The Way To Win Battles
-Winning With Points For Style
-A Cheer For Strong-arm Headhunters, House Bowen!
"Not bad, you guys!"

A Word From Our Editor:
Little did you know it, but this tourney is one way to become truly famous as a clan.

No, -the- way!

Win big here, and you join an exclusive circle of past winners that include such luminaries as the 100 Geniuses, Violene, the Arbiters of Death, and many, many more!

-Head Editor, Bonga Bugle


Thank you, thank you! On behalf of the FFTA2 LP, I hope you'll all go to auctions more.