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Part 53: Bounty Hunting

Update 53: Bounty Hunting

In This Update:
- Criminals!
- Monsters!
- Moogles!


Welcome back! Today, we're tracking down murderous criminals and dangerous beasts. There's a lot of marks out there, and someone has to deal with them.

We did a handful of bounty hunting quests in previous updates. The most memorable cases were Florah, a woman with a talent for controlling plants, and of course Klesta.

Several of these quests are unlocked by reading notices in the pub. I'll include the relevant notice with each quest. Let's get started!


Our Hate posted:

So many years, I have hated.

Hated them, hated you, hated until I grew weary of hating.

How many of my comrades have fallen?
Gone to a place whence they shall never return?

Their hate is mine.
Once more, I pick up my knife.
I'm coming for you.
- (Poster Unknown)

It's oddly fourth-wall breaking to explicitly mention battle rounds. Why not something like, "Must be dealt with before they reach their next victim!" or something.

Our targets: three tonberries and a Tonberry King.

Copycat is still my least favorite law! I actually restarted this quest once because of it.

Tsing, Cid and Vaan will melee things, Al-Cid and Lenolia for range, and Hurdy to do magick.

: All our hate...

: Not much point talking to this one, kupo...

: Yours...

I mean, maybe? The Seeker of Slaughter certainly approved of our body count.

: Kupo! I'm not so sure about his one, but I guess there's nothing to do but get out there! Better move fast if we're going to finish this in 4 rounds, kupo!

The Tonberry King can move 3 spaces, a whole space more than the other Tonberries.

He's otherwise unremarkable.

However, I immediately forget this when Tsing sets his trap. I figured the King would move two squares forward.

As usual, the important part of fighting tonberries is keeping stalking targets away from them! This is actually somewhat easy on this map, thanks to the weird terrain in the middle of the map.

One reason I don't love Assasssin is they lack good ranged abilities. This is less of an issue if you pair them with Sniper, but Lenolia doesn't have those abilities. So she's stuck with basic attacks, which are really easy to accidentally trigger Copycat with.

Did I say Vaan and Cid would be melee fighters? Aurablast is extremely good as a ranged attack.

The King overshoots the trap and stalks Cid.

And the tonberry on the right stalks Lenolia. You have to keep track of these things!

Every once in a while, knockback is a fantastically useful tool.

Rush doesn't deal much damage (possibly because Vaan is wielding an elemental sword, though I'm not sure if he is) but pushes back its target.

Traps activate when a unit ends its movement on it, even if that's not during their turn. Totally planned this from the start.

Tsing finishes off the King. Vaan is still safe, since the tonberry stalking him can only move 2 tiles.

Since Lenolia relies on Attack, I have to remember to use other abilities with Al-Cid. At least he has something I can use!

Lenolia weakens the right tonberry a bit more and Cid finishes it off. This one had been stalking Lenolia.

Vaan is safe for now, but Hurdy's attack would drop the tonberry stalking the sky pirate into Critical HP, which in turn would trigger its Quicken ability. It would have a free shot at Vaan. So, instead, Hurdy does nothing.

This tonberry hasn't stalked anyone and is still at full health.

That doesn't last long once it goes for Cid.

You know what would be cool? If tonberries prioritized targeting Cid, as a sort of gameplay reference to his past with Khamja.

Smite of Rage is supposed to inflict status effects, but I don't think I've ever seen it do that.

Al-Cid weakens the tonberry further. Thankfully, Tsing is between it and Cid, so it has to go around the rock to reach its target.

Hurdy skips his turn (he could have attacked the tonberry safely, actually) and Cid weakens the tonberry.

In an attempt to avoid using Attack because of Copycat, Vaan uses Wild Swing for once! We're down to just the tonberry that's stalking the sky pirate.

Al-Cid shoots it and just barely rolls too low on damage to kill it. Tsing finishes it off with Furore, the Berserker's version of Wild Swing which also knocks back targets.

That took us almost to the end of round 2. This game is pretty generous with time limits.


House on Ice posted:

The perpetrators in the malicious encasement in ice of a Fluorgis merchant manse and said manse's inhabitants have been located and contained.

Due to the remarkable durability of the ice -- ten days from the date of the incident, and it remains entirely unmelted -- we were able to closely examine the scene, leading us to conclude that the perpetrators were indeed several in number, and possessing of an incredible capacity for creating and manipulating large quantities of ice.

Knowing that to lose them in the cold, western reaches of Jylland would be to lose them forever, the Defenders came out in force to stop them in the east. We were successful in containing them within the Kthili Sands.

Though their motives are still unclear, what is clear is that this opportunity to bring them to justice must not be missed.
- Jylland Defenders of the Peace

This notice appears around the time Khamja poisons Baron Beltorey. I always thought the two were connected because of the timing and fingernails turning blue in the cold. They're completely unrelated, of course.

Either way, it's time to bring them to justice.

Not a difficult law, to be sure. None of them are weak to fire, they just all resist Ice.

Icicle Ark consists of a Gladiator, a Scholar, a Parivir, a Summoner, an Illusionist and a Black Mage. They all have equipment that resists Ice and Water, and they all know abilities that inflict Ice, Water or (in some cases) Wind damage. If you can resist Ice, you're pretty much set.

There's plenty of sources of elemental resistance. Chill Rods, Ice Shields and Flurry Robes all grant Ice resistance, for example. You might not be able to equip everyone, but a significant part of your team should be protected.

Almost the same team as last time, since only a few units are behind on XP.

A few millennia too late, lady.

: A pity, but we are not defenseless. You agree?

: Hardly defenseless. And besides, 'twould be an unfair advantage were we able to wield our true power. We fight!

Trust me, it's an unfair advantage that Clan Sawyer are wielding their true power.

: So they're masters of ice... and we're in a desert. But keep an eye on them anyway, kupo!

Hey let's do a tactic! Whirl Burst pushes the target back, moving the Gladiator next to the Scholar. Set aside.

In a large bowl-- No, wait, I got distracted. Lenolia shoots the Gladiator.

Cid and Montblanc combine their attacks to take out the Gladiator and severely weaken the Scholar.

The Parivir had moved forward after Lenolia's turn, and Hurdy attempts to dissuade him.

The Scholar has Critical: Berserk, which forces him to charge forward into Henri. Strike Back negates the Scholar's melee attack, and Henri knocks him out with the counterattack.

The three mages on the cliffs move down. The Illusionist has Blood Price, allowing him to attack us immediately. Humes cannot normally learn Blood Price.

I don't mind too much, since he isn't doing much damage. Henri takes advantage of their convenient grouping.

Al-Cid shoots the Parivir in the face, who responds with a wind blast.

Right, Lenolia is still a Summoner. Sadly, Assassins can't wear Holy-absorbing gear. This does not stop her from killing the Illusionist.

Cid finishes off the other two with Aurablast.

And, off on the side, Hurdy fries the Parivir.

: Kupo-po! Good work!


The Moogle Rangers (1) posted:

So what if they're cute? They're squatting on my land! They've made a mess of the garden, and there's no way in the Otherworld I'll ever get those pumpkins growing again...


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?
Oh, I asked, but they said "Your pom-pom's not fluffy enough! Sorry, kupo!" Can you believe it?
I can't!

What am I supposed to do?
- Perplexed Moogle

Then, some time later:

The Moogle Rangers (2) posted:

Strange things are afoot! When I heard a sizeable number of Fluorgis's fairer residents were off to Santa D'alsa Bluff en masses, well, I thought the end had come at last.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were not abandoning our fine city, but instead flocking to a particular house in the Bluff where the five moogles known as the Moogle Rangers have taken up the garden.

While the Moogle Rangers have not been known to partake in violent acts, reports have shown that they do nothing to discourage the considerable donations of gil, jewelry, and consumables given to them by their smitten fans.

Some Moogle Ranger enthusiasts have raided family fortunes, and even sunk to thievery to fund their worship of these diminutive giants.

Others have been attacked by monsters en route to see the rangers, causing problems of a different sort.

Meanwhile, the fab five are heedless to calls of "enough," or, indeed, the three eviction notices already served them.

With the situation coming to a head, we can only conclude that the Moogle Rangers' intent is malicious, and a mark request has already been issued for their pernicious pom-poms.
- Dolowat, Chief Director, Fluorgis Assembly

So you may be wondering: exactly what are the Moogle Rangers? How did they pull off 245 counts of disturbing the peace?

And are they really that cute?

Look, I'm just trying my best here, there's no call for a law like that. Wait 'til you see how we manage to break it!

: Kupo-po...? I'll bet you're wondering just who we are, kupo!

: Moogle Mark II, kupoooo!

: Moogle Mark III, kupo-po!

: Moogle Mark IV, kuuupo!

: Kupo, Moogle Mark III...

They're a Super Sentai group. Fantastic.

: So... what's your story, kupo?

Alright, yeah, that made me laugh.

: Kupo-po! I see, kupo! You want to join the Moogle Rangers, kupo? Kupo-po!

: Kupo-po-po...

: ...Kupo-po. Sorry, but no way!

: That does it, kupo! We're taking you out, kupo!

Hey look, Smite of Rage actually inflicted a condition!

Not that it matters, Henri immediately cross-counters Moogle Mark IV into oblivion.

This can be a bit of a tough battle if you face them at their level. Five enemies, good skill sets, they try to work together, and so on.

Look, the Juggler even uses Smile Toss on the Black Mage!

It's immediately squandered by a trap, but still, they tried.

The Flintlock, as you may recall, has to waste a turn Priming his cannon before he can do anything useful.

Adelle takes out Moogle Mark II with her mind powers.

Up top, Tsing and Henri beat up the Moogle Knight and Juggler.

Cid goes for the kill, and--


That's just not cool, game, can't believe you did me like this.

Well, might as well finish up the battle. Hurdy takes down Moogle Mark I with Fire.

The Juggler uses Smile Toss to give the Flintlock a free turn! He might actually get to use his cannon!

The RNG is not being kind to Cid today, apparently.

Adelle's mind powers claim another life as Moogle Mark III succumbs to the force of Wermut.

And then we beat up the Flintlock until Hurdy ends it with Thunder.

Not really.

: Kupo-po-po... We lost! We lost! The Moogle Rangers are finished, kupo! Kupo!!

[GIF] Moogle Mark V takes a minute to catch up as they fly away.

: K-Kupo! Wonder where they went, kupo?


The Mutadragons posted:

Whispers 'neath the eaves! Three dragons have reared their fearsome heads in the vicinity of the Aldanna Range, and they're attacking town and traveler alike! Such lack of subtlety is sure to earn them mark status shortly.

Mentions of three dragons in the Aldannas might recall stories of the protector dragons of old, yet the only similarity here is their number.

These are base, feral creatures with naught but menace on their minds.

Perhaps the thick Mist of the region is what drove these typically reclusive wyrms to violence??
- Domis Streetears

This quest references something, but I don't know what. I thought FFXII, but I couldn't find anything. I don't recall any mention of them beyond the notice.

Finally, a reasonable law.

This is the Flaresky Warder. It hates men.

This is the Lightland Warder. I think they mean "Men" as in "humankind."

And the Gaiasea Warder. How do they feel about the non-hume races?

: Men have sinned... They should be tried and punished for their crimes.

: The dragons speak, kupo!? Hey, could these be the legendary protector spirits? ...No, kupo, I'm not sensing anything but hatred from these guys.

: Within us burns the woe of all life stifled ... the lamentation of all that might have been but for Man.

: Within us sounds the land's agonized cry ... its suffering wrought by the cruel hand of man.

: Yes, within us flows the power of all Man's wrongs ... a power born of Man to be the death of Man!

: Though He receives light's judgment, He continues along the path toward His own undoing...

: *throws wineglass* Have at thee!

: Light's judgment, kupo...? So... these -are- the three protector spirits? But wasn't it the horde of creatures who judged? Not men, kupo!

I'm hoping someone in the thread knows what this is all about.

: Kupo-po... Sorry, but I can't let you do any more damage!

Three enemies, ten levels lower than us, I think we're OK.

This time, Lenolia is the Sniper and Jalia is the Assassin. Sniper is the ranged job I keep thinking Assassin is.

The enemies can hit pretty hard. They'd be more dangerous if they worked together, and they're also rather slow.

I love it when a trap comes together.

Jalia has the Seventh Heaven, the holy-element greatbow, letting her deal a great amount of damage.

Lenolia is happy enough to show that off. Unfortunately she rolls low on damage and Gaiasea Warder survives the attack.

Low damage rolls seem to be catching! Still hurts a lot though.

Tsing punches out Gaiasea Warder. Two to go!

We've already done a number on Lightland, though Flaresky is still going strong.

Turns out there are already traps here! Too bad this one is only an MP-draining Leech trap.

I'm not sure what's going on with the damage in this battle, but this time I won't complain.

At the other end of the battlefield, everyone has been beating up the Flaresky Warder. Jalia finally gets him into critical HP.

Hurdy gets the kill.

The screen fades out, and the protector spirits stand defeated.

: How could He turn upon us, the protectors of the land?

Maybe it had something to do with you threatening the whole species?

: We retreat to regain our strength...

With a flash of brilliant light, the three spirits disappear.

: If those three really were the dragons from the legend...

This update is brought to you BLACK MIRROR, DIRECTED BY M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN.


There's actually one more "Wanted:" quest, but it ended up making this update 50% longer. It'll live as its own update instead.

So then, there's no vote just yet! The second part of this update will be up in a couple days. Thanks for reading!