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Part 95: Fool's Paradise: Juggler, Trickster

Fool's Paradise: Juggler, Trickster (Job Roundup #18)

In today's job roundup, we're taking a look at two unique jobs: Juggler and Trickster. These two are actually somewhat similar, with a strong focus on speed and status effects.



Races: Moogle
Locked By: 2 Tinker
Unlocks: Nothing

- Weapons: Daggers
- Armor: Light Armor

Growths: Great speed, high W.ATK and W.DEF.

There's a few jobs in FFTA2 that focus on conditions over raw damage, such as Ninja and Elementalist. Juggler is perhaps the best of them, thanks to some really awesome abilities. Ring Toss inflicts Stop, Dagger Toss disables and Smile Toss gives the most wonderful status of all: Quicken. It's not really a status, because all Quicken does it make the target take its turn next. It's amazing and powerful and just fantastic and you can get the weapon that teaches it from the auction house.

Juggler may not deal the most damage, but its utility is undeniable. More importantly, it's a fun job. Just imagine your Parivir slicing down an enemy, then immediately getting a free turn to cut down someone else. Or imagine the hijinks of a Time Mage who Hastes himself and a Juggler who keeps tossing him smiles as they Stop everyone on the battlefield. Juggler's speed and physical stat growths are great, too. It probably works best as a secondary job -- Fusilier and Moogle Knight offer much better equipment -- but any clan will benefit from having a Juggler.



Races: Bangaa
Locked by: 2 Master Monk + "Sleight of Hand" quest
Unlocks: Nothing

- Weapons: Cards
- Armor: Light Armor

Growths: Top-tier M.POW and Speed, average everything else.

Trickster is the second new bangaa job, and like Master Monk, it makes you wonder why the developers dropped the ball so hard on the other races' new jobs. Boasting Ninja-levels of Speed growth and Nu Mou-tier M.POW growth, Trickster offers a strange new play style for bangaa. They use cards, like some kind of Gambit knock-off, and their skill set focuses on inflicting conditions. They can gift opponents with poison, charm, berserk, immobilize and frog, then use Traumatize to do increased damage for each condition. They also have Agitate, yet another "deal damage equal to your lost HP" skill, and Mug, which damages and steals loot.

Without Concentration or other accuracy-raising abilities, Tricksters' ability to inflict conditions suffers a little. But they have one advantage: cards have the undisputed longest range in the game at 8 tiles. Only some high-tier guns come close. Their damage is a bit low, of course, because that's how FFTA2 balances things. Trickster is commonly paired with Bishop or Gladiator, since it's the best bangaa job for using magick and Ultima. In fact, it's possibly the best Ultima user in the game, due to their high M.POW and the range of cards. For a job that seems gimmicky, Trickster is quite useful and powerful.