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Part 11: Forbidden: Cadoan

"Hey, Ramza! How did your investigation of the river go?"
"I fell in a wrinkle in space and broke one fifth of the world."
"I... I don't... Just take the instrument and get out!"

Cadoan is slapped down in between Cyril, Sprohm, and Nubswood.

Because Cyril has two adjacent areas, there's treasure in it now!

The item is randomly generated for just having a town and a forest next to it, but certain patterns produce certain items.

Which means, yes, I've been manipulating this feature to produce a certain item very early, before I was technically even aware of the classes that use it or even that such an item exists.

Official word from the secretarial desk of Queen Remedi:
"They keep reality together. Don't mess with them."

Clan Beoulve only accepts the dirtiest, most dangerous missions. We get some Loaded Dice for doing this, so I guess her diary covers all her horrible gambling.

The Mythril Pick is consumed by this. Carson is going to break up the spring so hard.

Someone's using voodoo dolls. A sword collection is involved.

Now, we can't actually step in to Cadoan because the next story battle starts as soon as we do.

The mirror mail has auto-reflect. Useful? Not really.

A dragon got on Carson's case while he was picking away at the spring.

An actual battle!

You, Immortal requires a Tonberry Lamp and fuck those guys.

Mewt wasn't kidding about the stronger laws. Besides some laws being rougher, there's two of them mucking up each battle.

At least I can pick up White Wind while I'm here.

This Lamia has an unusually high resistance to Nightmare, so cutting it down is the new plan.

White Wind heals HP equal to the caster's.

To get a defensive spell like White Wind, you have to use Control or Charm. Control is much more reliable because the AI is stupid.

Now he's a statue.

Ramza has his first Blue Magic spell.

Thanks for the magic, dumbass!

The ring is always where Ramza looks, no matter where on this map he is.

Lutia Pass got under attack, so Norma petrified the invaders.

Now she can make statues regardless of her class.

Also, if it took a month to find it, maybe she wasn't in any danger.

Oh well, free cheating impliments.

GAME MECHANICS Vol 5: Blue Magic.

Blue Mages learn magic in an entirely different fashion from every other class. They need the Learning support ability from the Blue Saber to even start.

If a Blue Mage is hit by specific spells while Learning is equipped, the Blue Mage (or any class, Learning is all that's needed), in a sense, masters that ability. Ramza now has White Wind and can cast it whenever Blue Magic is equipped.

Goblin Punch   | Goblin        |      |A| Random damage
Magic Hammer   | Red Cap       |      |A| MP damage
Acid           | All Flan      |      |A| Inflict a random status ailment
Blowup         | All Bombs     |      |A| Sacrifice unit to cause major damage
Mighty Guard   | Icedrake      |      |A| Raise Defence and Resistance
Guard-Off      | Firewyrm      |      |A| Lower Defence and Resistance
Dragon Force   | Thundrake     |      |A| Raise Weapon Attack and Magic
Night          | Lamia         |      |A| Cast sleep on all units
Twister        | Lilith        |      |A| Half targets' HP
L3 Def Less    | Antlion       |      |A| Lower Defence and Resistance lvl/3
Matra Magic    | Blade Biter   |      |A| Switch MP and HP levels
Poison Claw    | Red Panther   |      |A| Damage and poison
Hastebreak     | Coeurl        |      |A| Slow or Stop if hasted
Bad Breath     | Malboro       |      |A| Inflict multiple status ailments
Stare          | Floateye      |      |A| Inflicts Confuse status ailment from front
Roulette       | Ahriman       |      |A| Death on random unit
Drain Touch    | Zombie        |      |A| Attack and drain HP
L? Shadow Flare| Vampire       |      |A| Damage if 2nd level digit is the same
White Wind     | Sprite        |      |A| Heal HP
Angel Whisper  | Titania       |      |A| Heal HP and Auto-Life
Notice, that very few of those spells are actually based on magic power, and that L? Shadow Flare is the only good one of those. Blue Magic is perfectly fine on low-magic humans.

Also, as Goblins and Thunderdrakes never show up in a repeatable fight, it's entirely possible to miss Dragonforce and Goblin Punch forever.

Lastly, only enemies can teach Blue Magic. Ramza can't teach another of my own Blue Mages White Wind, for example.