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Part 50: Recobidden: Formmended

Because I like you guys, have another update today!

Now the corrupt guys have gotten obscure.

Also, is that Clan Ritz existing independently of Ritz? Weird.

Have I ever mentioned how good of equipment these guys have?

It's absurd to see, isn't it, that this is easily some of the best stuff in the game and I have decreed it not worth my time?

What is there to gain from stealing it? Enemies can barely touch the clan. Everything dies in a flash. There is no more power to be had.

Ramza has had arms, full HP, not kissed, and is literate. He'll break the next law, too. This is the only time in all these wacky laws that he actually follows the wacky law.

Either way, these guys are getting it.

See what I mean? This is about all he can do. This is all he will do. Everything else will explode in a haze of violence and death.

Sometimes, Eldena and Carson get kills. I know, but Ultima is single-target so these guys get the remainders.

Eldena is technically the primary healer but the last time I needed healing was... well before I beat Li-Grim, I think.

Oh Ramza you card!

Finally the fucks mention where something is happening. Damn. Last time I had to check around every damn spot until I made the vague connection that girl at home = Muscadet.

Well, since the law system can only catch actions that successfully hit, jumping during this battle is fine. Hell, the enemy does it too!

I think the only fixed Sage Robes appear in the post game. This is the only spot to get a second Heretic Rod, but Seers don't exist yet so duel-wielding rods has yet to find a purpose.

The last guy throws a childish tantrum about nothing in particular.

"See, Norma can't help but jump. I mean, damn she has more hops than tavern ale. Must be the rabbit taking over."

Mateus is connected to the zodiac sign Pisces. This has no bearing on anything presently.

Mateus has bearing on how fucking dead these guys are.

The archer survives due to random damage, and the soldier lives with Damage >MP.

The archer bites it fast.

Ultima Shot wouldn't be the best choice in this sutation! He got 5 MP from moving so a Doubleshot would remove his last MP, then the second arrow would cut his HP some.

Lini stopshots this guy too. I was intending to never let him have a turn to recover MP again, but Lini proves why big guns are awesome.

By this definition, Ramza is not free, because he restricted Doned's freedom.

Or did he? Doned is seen walking in those cutscenes with the spe-I don't fucking care anymore.

"As you know, I often tell my close associates things they already know."

"See what I mean?"

Say hi to Mr. McUniquePalette.

No shit. I was perfectly fine without Dmg2:Animal popping up.

"Perhaps Cid should've waited until the political atmosphere calmed own before having a deep introspective moment about his roles in multiple universes and how they relate to his son."

"Did you see that chucklefuck? No literacy? He's the dumbest sack of bricks!"

"As you know, we have arrested several officials and two judges over their abuse of the authority they have."

"As you know, I decreed the split from the palace without consulting anyone first."

"As you kn-"
"Okay that's enough."

Is there protocol for replacing the judgemaster? This world was created with Cid already as the judgemaster.

Where did we learn this? Mike and Reinhold were acting like dicks unsupervised, it looked to me.

Like... a judge? Derpmaster of the year goes to this ninja.

Two guesses as why Mr. McUniquePalette says this. No points for first, second, or third, though 14th gets a sarcastic snicker directed towards them.


This mission pretends it can be a real final boss battle!