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Part 52: Bonus Update!!

Hahaha, don't you think that just killing the true final boss is a little... disappointing?

Oh no, I can't let this LP end on a note like that. I gotta have some oomph for the ending.

Find the most badass music you can. No, more badass than that. You need the absolute most badass available.

We're gonna do the impossible.

First, we need to re-do mission items. The Ahriman Eye's dark enhancement is needed as no equipment a Hunter can equip gives it.

Next, this is the only defense decrease besides Lv.3 Defenseless, and it's a hell of a lot easier to get and use.

Ramza is loaded down with as much WAtk as possible. Holy fuck. His support ability is Weapon Atk+. Holy fuck.

Eldena's using this to shift a Dark weakness on the enemy.

Lini mastered Steal: Armor somewhere. He's gonna use it.

First, Norma drops one of the fuckers. Don't need any distractions.

Sometimes, you gotta take a risk.

The reward is sweet in this case.


The other guy gets shot, cutting his HP in half. Stop doesn't stick.

But he suicides on Death, The Destroyer of Worlds.

Disappointing, but not surprising. Oh well, I've got more than enough asskicking sitting around.

If he ever loses his immobilize and disable, I don't want him ruining anything with his abilities.

I doubt it's necessary at this point, but still...


Can't risk his armor's WDef ruining things.

This is the last yoink.

He'll shatter like glass!

This is what this all was aiming for.



And that's how Ramza dealt 308% of the guy's HP, hitting the damage cap on the true final boss.

That is a much better conclusion in my eyes.

And, now, the fan art compilation!

All of these are by Shaezerus or Doomfunk unless otherwise noted.

First, Ramza in various villain costumes from other Final Fantasy games!

Kefka, FF6. It's disturbing how well he fits.

Jecht, FF10. He's the best.

The Emperor, FF2. He's holding a judge sword which I though was a nice touch.

Seifer, FF8. One day, he's gonna tell you about his LARCENY dream!

Shadowlord, FF11. Shaezerus said it was still in progress but it still looks nice. It doesn't have the giant cow-lick and pony tail prominent, but that's the only issue I have.

Exdeath, FF5. The file name is a Star Wars reference.

Kuja, FF9. The less we say about this one the better.

Ramza with his giant sack of stolen swag. Silly Ramza, a sack can't hold memories!

Poor Ramza wants to be a morpher, but he can't steal their abilities.

Ramza and Lini with a Murasomethin' and a Magic Salad Shooter, respectively. (See chapter 33 if you don't get it)

A little context for the next one:

Alkydere posted:

Great, now I'm imagining Clan Beoulve walking down the street, a bunch of kids run past them and one bumps Carson, who's Strikeback ability kicks in. Before anyone can think, Carson's holding the kid's decapitated head with an "Oh shit!" look on his face while everyone, even Ramza, looks at him in horror.

Ramza fought the law, and the law won.

Drawing off the previous one, more judge bitch-slaps.

He's three times as fast as a normal judge, but he gets triple-overkilled!

Doned totally should've used Bangaa classes.

Shaezerus thought it was missing something.

He found it, apparently.

The epic story of the death of Montblanc, including the smile chain.

No idea if this were drawn for the thread or if the guy who posted it (who I can't remember ) found it earlier, but I still think its funny.

I already posted this after chapter 40 but OurLivesOnline is still the chillest motherfucker for posting this.

That's really everything. For real.