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Part 27: Last Call

Part 26.5 Last Call

This will be a short update of random things that the game does, strange cases that are even more obscure than instantly killing Minotaur.

Plus some refights of bosses other than "Here's them being no threat to Seymour and then they died"

Before we wrap things up, I wanted to show off a trivial thing that happens when you use the Magic Lamp too much. But first let's see some of the most useless situational summons. First up is Remora.

Second is Sylph.

I'm pretty sure its lousy no matter where in the game it is.

Finally, when you've exhausted everything else only Chocobo remains.

But if you've played FFVII at all, you might be aware that when you summon chocobos sometimes you get more than you bargained for.

This isn't just a magic lamp trick or anything, there's a chance the Chonkobo will appear when summoned normally.

Fat Chocobo is not single target like Choco Kick and does about 3 times more damage.

No, the thing I wanted to show off was this. After you've wished for Chocobos 20 times the lamp decides you haven't learned yet and just does this.

That's it, just strange ineffective "summon" that doesn't work and doesn't even show the Egg Chopper.

The sprite exists in game but doesn't appear beyond sprite rips.

Alte Roite apparently is such a dick because his posture is atrocious and needs some acupuncture.

Metamorph doesn't have this interaction despite being just as hunched over.

Note that even if you relieve his back pain he still has no problem Encircling you.

Next up is what Catastrophe will do if his AI script doesn't lock up.

Just block the ground.

Next up is Twintania, I mentioned that you can trick him into hurting himself with magic.

There is... a reason for completionists to fight Twintania this way, I suppose.

Since Giga Flare Twintania is technically a different enemy, it has a different drop table.

The first form has the "strongest" bell as its rare drop. It only has a bigger attack number than the Rune Chime, it has no benefit otherwise.

And then Twintania Mega Flared itself in the face twice and died.

Last factoid, as in the previous update I mentioned what Necrophobe does in older versions if you killed him before Gilgamesh shows up.

Older versions of the Pixel Remaster had some bug fixes due to how Quick worked, there was a lot of times where the ATB progressed in frozen time. Apparently this still isn't 100% fixed as the Barriers still got off some spells after Lenna used Quick here.

The last time rapid fire break killed everything after Faris broke them all, here Lenna just murdered them in 3 Syldras. They don't have much HP.

Long ago I lamented how the game triggers event scripts immediately instead of when the enemy turn would occur naturally. Here however it's a blessing. Normally after the Barriers die you stare at Necrophobe for a few seconds until he reacts because he's still invincible. He only takes damage after he realizes his emotional support Barriers are gone... I said that sarcastically but I'm honestly not sure if it isn't true and that the power of positive thinking wasn't keeping him unkillable.

So I need to do enough damage to kill Necrophobe from 10000 HP, otherwise Greg shows up. Lenna here takes him down to about 30,000 HP left.

And Faris takes out 79,992 more.

Alas, the Pixel Remaster forces Greg to show up if he has a chance to... though now I wonder if ignoring him in Meatfort would still cause him to show up here.

Hey I'm the one driving here, I shouldn't throw questions around I'm unable to answer. So I need to do some work... oh dear playing a game I love to do things whatever will I do.

Luckily I had a save mid Meatfort with my original play through, mind the Bortz. Also note what happens in a game where you don't actively flee from fights constantly forever.

Bortz had Lenna appreciate art so much she learned !Dualcast midway through world 2. Faris has dual wield and !Spellblade6. Seymour just has whatever right now.

The pyramid is more uneventful than with Seymour as I'm laser focused on reaching the Rift instead of collecting all the treasures and tablets. Again the Mechaheads don't really care to give chase.

Didn't bother trying to lock Melusine at all, just nuked her with Firaga in 3 casts.

I don't know why I put Faris in Ranger, there's about 400 ABP left to reach !Rapidfire.

Not sure why I got the ribbon either, I only have enough job mastery for Krile to go into Freelancer for endgame, everyone else is in a job.

I could have skipped the 3 weapons, I'm only casting Firaga or Syldra so I don't need the versatility.

I needed something else, and this technically is the best choice.

Since Krile is Freelancing now she can have the Masamune to help try and escape faster. She doesn't have !Scram or !Time here so she doesn't help too much.

I only got Arise, Dispel and Quick. Unsure why I got Dispel as aside from Calistofiri nothing else between me and Necrophobe use buffs and I don't have anyone with both !Time6 and some other ability to exploit Quick.

Bought enough Black Garb, Robes, Hoods and Circlets for everyone not using a Ribbon or Gold Hairpin and the rest went to Elixirs.

FYI this is all from several visits to Bal basement when I first played my Bortz file.

While futzing around I decided I never saw what Gogo said if I told them I didn't think they were pretty, I'm in the neighborhood so why not.



Gogo, are you able to mimic two people? This is impressive but incredibly crass.

So I decide maybe Kerwan has a baffling event flag and it turns out that this guy needs to be talked to.

There, that's better. And the guy blocking the empty treasure barrel is gone too.

Gogo just laughs at us, not sure what's so funny.

So I dug up my last Fiesta save on GBA, had to trudge through the rift. Turns out that in that version Gogo asks if you think they're pretty. If you say no then they mention Walse amplifying the water crystal. No laughing, no Galuf popping out of nowhere. Saying yes has Gogo transform as we saw a few updates ago.

Strange things all around.

Syldra isn't going to see too much use this time around since I'm beelining to the end and running from most fights. Most boss fights are single target so they will crumple under the tactical nukes of Black Mages.

This is the Sand Crawler recolor I mentioned, just bigger and nastier if you don't instantly kill it.

Moss Fungus refused to go down and confused Krile and Bortz so it was just quicker to kill them.

Calisto Fieri took a wrong turn at Flavor Town and tried to cast Stop instead of Reflect.

It lead to a dead end.

Apanda turned Faris into Afrog before being set Aflame.

No Azulmagia this time, Catastrophe got locked down with a manual casting of Reflect.

Since I can't exploit ribbons as much with this party I pretoad.

And we're back in fighting shape.

Twintania is the first hurdle so far for a team that is rushing through the end game. Including some times I had to walk away from the computer for several minutes I went from the middle save point in Meatfort to here in about 90 minutes.

No Mighty Guard, no second Aegis, and aside from Krile having !White6 and !Black6 the only person in a real definite endgame state is Lenna with !Dualcast, but she's stuck as Black Mage because she only has !Black3.

So while Twintania is going to die he gets to kill a couple people to keep things interesting.

Without opening the chest and causing Greg to come out and taunt you, he's not blocking progress into the Rift.

Catoblepas can petrify one target, it's got slightly better accuracy than Break and pierces reflect.

Here's what a normal fight with Necrophobe looks like if you don't immediately destroy the barriers and have HP this low. Faris is dead.

Krile isn't that far behind. Note that this was with a barrier dead, that fourth Flare or Holy could have killed Lenna at full HP or finished the job on Krile.

In the end Greg didn't show up, I'm sort of surprised that he just doesn't come out of nowhere with how they forced him to show up in this one.

No explanation what Necrophobe means by his dying declaration of E...Ex.... I mean its most likely that he's calling out for Exdeath, but there's no particular attachment between the two.

I know I could deal with the final boss with this team. It would be a slow fight due to the lower damage output but not really any risk of death.

So that should settle all the strange things that I've found. Next time is the final fight with Exdeath and the ending.