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Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World

by Mega64

Part 1: The Intro is Still Easy

Chapter 1 - The Intro is Still Easy

For your convenience, here's the intro music. It won't be heard again until the final battle.

Summary: A war a thousand years ago wrecked the world and destroyed magic, so people eventually went steampunk. Now magic's probably coming back, and shit's going to get real.

I'm generally going to paraphrase everything since a lot of the dialogue is unchanged or only changed in a minor way.

Espers are pretty damn rare in this world, which makes finding one here a big deal.
So why is the mute, bland, murder-machine teenage girl with us?
Because she's mind-controlled. Anyway, let's go to the city and kill some dogs.

And now we have control. Menu's pretty much the same.

Here's the party's equipment. The equipment has been overhauled so that there's more stat bonuses and special properties to make things more unique. That said, none of the starting equipment really does anything special. And no, I have no idea what the Dirty Undies do since they're not listed in the Printme file. Probably just a joke item.

I won't really go into the differences between an item in this version and the original version unless it's interesting.

Rare Items? Still useless.

Terra, like all other characters, has had her starting stats tweaked a bit. What you'll more likely notice is that, unlike the original, she doesn't start with the Fire spell. Terra and Celes will still learn spells by leveling up, but Terra won't learn Fire here until L4.

Enemies have also been overhauled quite a bit. In the original game, Lobos had 27 HP and were weak to Fire.

Here, they have 100 HP and are immune to Ice.

That said, none of the Magitek commands have changed. Terra still has her awesome abilities, and any regular attack is still overkill considering the enemies.

Guards gained a whopping 10HP over their original versions. They're still weak to Poison and suck at doing their jobs.

Mammoths are up to 200HP and are still weak to Fire, but gained immunity to Ice and Wind. Also, they're now immune to instant death and imp because why not?

The mine no longer has random enemies.

Though of course the save dialogue has been changed a bit.

Whelk has been ramped up a bit. First off, while in the original only the shell absorbed lightning, in this version the snail part does as well.

The snail part also disappears more quickly, usually after only one round of combat. Also, the shell auto-heals for no real reason.

Also, remember the semi-decent lightning counter Whelk had when the shell is hit?

Yeah. Don't attack the fucking shell.

Fortunately, the fight still goes by pretty fast, and the Whelk otherwise has the same attacks as before, so overall it's a simple fight if you get the timing right.

Oh shit I'm disappearing!
Me too!

Oh shit I'm exploding!

Name Terra and Locke.

Next time, the game should start getting interesting now that we don't have super-powerful nuke tanks to rely on.