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Part 21

We're ready!

Quite a force we're up against.

I decided to try and be random and just set you guys up in the gaps and let the enemies come to you, and keep track of the battles.

THIEF's party fought 4 guys
Geh's duo fought 5
And the VT COMBO attracted an amazing 12 enemies. Was it Rachel's good looks? Mr T's bling? Big V's cool ? We'll never know.

Anyway since THIEF came in third, he got to fight the Rider, and Terra fought Kekfa.

Oh you look so tough, Geh!

To the esper!

Well this doesn't look good.

Bye Geh!

Now we gotta find that silly Geh. I'm probably gonna take a break for dinner, so I'll wait until then to make the party.