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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 75

Team Misfits started out

but were quickly stopped in their tracks by a mighty wall.

So we switched to A Team: Mk 2.

They come upon our first challenge

He looks angry.

The A Team whipes the floor with him though.

They stop by to help the poor Misfits on their way...

... to their next challenge!

But there is no stopping the unstoppable A Team!

And they've reached destination 1!

Now to team Rappers and Ho's

This guy tries to make himself famous by jumping two famous rappers from behind, but of course he fails miserably.

They open up a path, which of course was blocking the Misfits.

Oh look another challenge!

That's a dragon?


And they reach their destination.

Now to the deadly trials of Team Misfit...

...they simply had to trek their way there. Awesome job, Misfits!

After some moving and weight pushing, we've pulled a switcheroo and now look like this.

What lies ahead?!?


'Sup statue?

Ooo pretty...

And this is where we stand.