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Part 77

Yeah it's their max I'm pretty sure and they're just untouchable.

Anyway, the Misfits went first since they are the scraggly ones.

I love this music, by the way (the Atma Weapon battle music).

The Misfits did what they know how to do best, and that's Ultima the shit out of it.

Next came the Rappers and Ho's

I have a feeling this was called something else.

They actually had the hardest time, as you can tell from Rachel.

Finally, came the A team...

This one is so neat looking.

Despite her making Blast protect her, they won pretty easily.

Now is the final stopping point (technically). I feel bad if I blue ball you guys and stop, but if I go on I'll be up a while and I doubt anyone will be around to see the results. What do you think?