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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 79

The order is set, and we're off to battle!

This interesting group starts things off. They are pretty strong though...

...Bean chops it up with his chain saw

...Geh punishes it with some Ultimas

Bean, unfortunately, is the first to fall.

Tupac takes out his anger by throwing JazzyJ into the beast.

The first stage is defeated, but not before JazzyJ is slain, and TUPAC is turned to stone to be remembered forever. I like to think it was platinum rather than stone, because that's how I think TUPAC would have wanted it.

Glitch, Rachel, and Blast take the places of their fallen comrades, hoping to avenge their cruel deaths.

Unfortunately, Geh falls early in the battle, having depleated most of her energy in the fight before.

Samurai-Paladin Blast takes out his anger by striking the beast 8 times with his mighty swords.

Rachel soon falls, helpless without her love, THIEF, there to protect her.

This stage is complete, but the damage has been done. How will they manage to survive?

Glitch, BIGGIE, and Cletus step up, ansty for some fightin'.

Cletus immediately starts throwing Imp Halberds at the monster, curshing him for almost 10k damage every time.

BIGGIE gets a death sentence, but he will try his best to fight through it.

Our Brave knight, Blast, is the next to fall. You fought hard, my friend.

BIGGIE, ignoring death looking him over the shoulder, commits one last crime...

...before death finally catches up to him. R.I.P. Mr. Smalls

Cletus finally slays the massive creature, but with it's last breath, the evil being takes poor little Glitch down with it. Actually, who cares?

Big V, Mr. T, and Santa, come to the rescue, reassembling top 4 team for what just might be their final adventure together...