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Final Fantasy VI

by Tuckfard

Part 84

I have never before used Gau as much as I did this time though, thanks to DKCecil's wonderful participation in the thread. Mr. T proved himself to be pretty useful, so thanks.

I love how he just throws her off. What a badass.

Locke and Celes...THIEF and Rachel...the two love birds. They have a pretty nice story throughout, especially Celes, who gets a lot of focus and is one of my favorite characters ever. I didn't get to use THIEF that much, but I hardly did before anyway.

How about one last, "WHERE?!" for good measure.

A good ending, I think. What did she lose again? Was it Locke's bandana? The music in that part is really cool too, how it goes from Celes theme to Locke them, just sounds awesome. This is a great track in general, btw.

Ah, Geh. I never really cared much for Terra for some reason. I mean, both hers and Celes's ability is pretty underpowered, so I guess I always figured Celes was enough.

So yay! Because of love, Geh doesn't have to die now. Love is all you need...

Well the little bit I used Glitch was more than usual. Yeah, she glitched us some neat stuff, but I never forgave her for losing our Atma Weapon