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Part 10: Job Talk 4 - White Mage

Job Talk 4

White Mage

HP 11th MP 2nd STR 11th MAG 2nd DEF 11th MDEF 1st AGI 10th ACC 10th EVA 5-6th LUCK 6-7th

As in every Final Fantasy, healing magic is the semi-literal lifeblood of any successful dungeon crawl. X-2 takes it one step further and puts a shortcut for White Magic on your main menu. When you need healing between battles, pick whoever isn't using their MP and have them top you off. You won't get the benefit of certain accessories this way, though (most notably the MP cost reducing ones) and the White Mage comes with a handful of free healing abilities that make bringing one into combat itself worth considering.

recovers a little HP to entire party
recovers half of user's max HP

Free healing is never unwelcome, but the real benefit is that these abilities will still activate after a battle if you were charging them when you won.

restores HP to target or targets

Cure spells are newly enhanced with multi-target capability, which seems like an unfair advantage until you realize how much you need it. Every flan, element, and magic-related enemy, plus a handful of physical attackers, have all-party or multi-hit attacks, and you need party healing to keep up.

target regenerates HP over time

Kind of expensive for how little it heals.

removes most negative statuses from target
removes most positive statuses from target

Boring yet important buff and debuff management.

revives target from KO with half health
revives target from KO with full health

Know how to manage your MP. You won't always need Full-Life, but sometimes you will.

reduces magic damage on party
reduces physical damage on party
reflects spells cast on party to opposing party

Meat-and-potatoes buffs, all helpfully multi-target by default. It's a feature until you want to exclude someone from being reflected, when it becomes a bug.

restores all HP and removes negative statuses from target

The big gun of White Magic, with an Esuna laser sight. Kind of useless without a No MP Cost accessory, and kind of broken with one.

decreases charge time of spells

These suffer from the same problems that the Black Magic Lv.? abilities do, but they will probably save your life at least once.