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Part 12: Job Talk S1 - Full Throttle

Job Talk S1

Full Throttle

It's kind of hard to talk about what role the Special Dressphere jobs are supposed to play. Since they take the place of your entire party, they have to stand in for an entire party, and are therefore jacks-of-all-trades. Even so, I'd say that Full Throttle is more on the aggressive side of the scale. The job's abilities are a good variety of physical, magical, status and elemental, and the copious free healing and reviving encourages some risk-taking. However, the magic attacks aren't that strong, and the MP costs of the support unit abilities mean you can't sustain a full attack as long as you'd like.

physical attack, confusion, and delay

You know how I feel about delay attacks with a charge time.

fire-elemental physical attack
ice-elemental physical attack
water-elemental physical attack
lightning-elemental physical attack
fractional attack that deals 75% of target's current HP
critical physical attack
physical attack that may cause instant death
holy-elemental physical attack

Not only are these staple attacks, they're really what I wish the Warrior skillset was; free, instant, and versatile. Of note is that Wisenen can actually crit, dealing 150% of the target's HP in damage, which is sometimes a more reliable instant-kill attack than Deeth.

two-hit physical attack against all enemies

Every special job gets at least one of these flashy Overdrive-like attacks. Lots of damage, big charge-up time. This one is most useful against larger groups.

increases party's Strength by 2 levels
increases party's Defense by 2 levels
applies Haste to party

Solid buffs, but I particularly recommend using Pumice Feather early in long fights, even though it's expensive. Haste can really help compensate for the special jobs' low speed.

decreases enemies' Strength by 2 levels
decreases enemies' Defense by 2 levels
decreases enemies' Magic by 2 levels
decreases enemies' Magic Defense by 2 levels

As potentially useful as these debuffs are, I think it's more efficient to dedicate this Wing to healing and MP restoration instead.

reveals enemy data

It's just Scan.

magic damage and poison on enemy
magic damage and darkness on enemy
magic damage and silence on enemy
magic damage and petrification on enemy
magic damage and sleep on enemy
magic damage and berserk on enemy
magic damage and stop on enemy
magic damage and confusion on enemy

These status attacks appear to have a good success rate compared to other status abilities, but Full Throttle's magic is fairly low. Crazy Wing is a highlight, though, for being an early-accessed confusion attack that the enemy is likely to survive, which is a prerequisite for learning the restorative and support Gun Mage abilities.

restores HP to one target
restores 25% max MP to one target
revives KO'd part with 50% max HP

Being limited to single-target restorative abilities can be annoying, but both wings can use them, leaving you to balance between an offensive and defensive stance.

permanently doubles max HP
permanently triples max HP
immune to negative status effects
allows greater than 9999 HP
allows dealing greater than 9999 damage

Every special job gets these abilities to make them truly beefy. The last two can't be learned without special end-game items, but you won't need them until then anyway.