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Part 53: Job Talk F - Mascot

Job Talk F


I've excluded Mascot from the stat comparison rankings because, being end-game completion-reward superjobs, it just wouldn't be fair. They're strong in most everything, well-balanced, at have ridiculous amounts of HP. Like the Trainer, the Mascot is different for each character, with different stats and abilities. Also like Trainer, the Mascot abilities tend to duplicate other job's abilities, but the Mascot jobs also open the abilities from two other jobs at the same time, making them stupidly versatile. You don't get the benefit of those jobs' passives, but the Mascot passives are massively overpowered anyway. If this game was ever difficult, Mascot would make it not.

Yuna's version of this job also gets all the Warrior and Dark Knight abilities she has learned, which explains why none of her Mascot abilities have elements or status attacks. It's a good mix of abilities, and her stats are balanced to take advantage of any of them.

recover 25% of target's max MP
recover 62.5% of target's HP and heals negative statuses
recover 62.5% of party's HP and heals negative statuses
recover KO'd ally with full HP and MP
recover all KO'd allies with full HP and MP

A cheap multi-target Full Cure, a Full-Life+, and a free MP recharge makes the party basically immortal.

adds regen and haste to target
adds regen and haste to party
adds shell and protect to target
adds shell and protect to party

Wall is the same thing as Big Guard, and kind of obsolete if your whole party is mastered Mascots, but Regen is maybe useful.

big damage against target

Pretty ludicrous, considering what else you have to spend your MP on. It is defense-ignoring, though.

Rikku also gets White Mage and Berserker skills. I have no idea why. Yuna's moogle skills outshine White Magic, and Instinct is just kind of meh. And while the other two girls just run up and smack the enemy as a Mascot, Rikku has this leotarded windmill wind-up that takes an extra second to complete. She really got the short straw on this job.

elemental attack, poison, and petrification

Tying these skills to the same two status effects means their effectiveness is slightly dependent on whether the enemy is immune to them. At least they're more-or-less useful ones.

decrese enemy party's stats by four levels
decrease enemy party's evasion by ten levels

There aren't many multi-enemy boss fights once you get these abilities, so I don't know why they hit parties. Nice strong debuffs, though.

ejects all enemies

I don't need Eject to work all the time, I just wish someone would publish the algorithms so I know how infrequently I can expect it to work.

Paine gets Black Mage and Samurai in addition to this job, although her Magic is the weakest of the three Mascots. Also, she's a freakin' Tonberry. D'awwwwww~

physical attack and status effect


physical attack and reduces strength, magic, defense, and magic defense by three levels

A really nice all-around debuff, which you can actually access early through Lady Luck's Reels.

big damage against one target

Same as the Moogle Beam, but there's less competition for your MP, so have fun. It's also defense-ignoring, and Strength-based, which has nice synergy with Bushido's buffs.

protects against most status effects
always have shell status
always have protect status

See what I mean? If you played FFX, these were probably two or three of the four slots in your ultimate armor. Mascot has higher HP than any other job, and the Wall abilities effectively double it. You might want to arrange to learn Auto-Shell last, since it interferes with most healing spells.