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Part 37: Von Muir p. 70-75: "Chapter 8: Edward and the Monstrous Hordes"

Von Muir p. 70-75: "Chapter 8: Edward and the Monstrous Hordes"

Adrammelech is the Esper of Lightning, associated with the sign of Capricorn. Demonic of name and demonic of visage, he was created to be the thing that darkness itself fears, but he was made too well. The things that were supposed to fall beneath him instead knelt before him. Being emperor to the dead made him think himself equal to his creators, until he learned the hard way the difference between a king and a god.

As a being that let power go to his head, Adrammelech provides some, but not much, more power to the party. Vaan can learn the Souleater Technick, Basch can learn Cura and Raise Magicks, Penelo can gain one additional point of Strength, and Ashe can gain one point of Strength and learn Souleater.

Writing Assignment 5

Choose a summoner for Adrammelech and, in 100 words or less, explain why that character is the most appropriate choice. Tag spoilers and show your work. Remember that this is an essay contest, not a popular vote!

Writing Assignment 5 due!

I usually hate being obvious, because it's kind of dull. But, starting from when she gets the Dawn Shard, the nature of power and its use is a huge part of Ashe's personal arc, one the game will only be pounding on harder in the modules to come. So I have to accept the essays of Stanfield and Indeterminacy that reference this connection, and grant the thralldom of Adrammelech to her. The extra point of Strength and Souleater Technick will also come in handy if and when she gets her hands on some Greatswords, which I seem to remember was a popular prospect.

Stanfield posted:

Adrammelech is a king that learnt that kings are still beneath gods. Ashe is in many ways a kindred spirit. As a white Mage she has power over the (un)dead. As a princess she has learnt that being royalty is not always enough, and that - much like the gods - the empires will still be more powerful. Ashe searches for the Magecite to help liberate Dalmasca, just as Adrammelech searches for power to close the gap between himself and the gods, but in doing so let's the power of the Magecite go to her head in a different way, intending to use it as a weapon without thinking about the consequences.

Indeterminacy posted:

Associated with human sacrifice in wider cultural significance, the service of Adrammelech represents the purchase of power with blood - or, at least, the disposition to do so. It is no coincidence that Adrammelech has appeared before Ashe at this moment to offer her his might; the internal conflict she faces in her desire for the strength to reforge her kingdom is of profound celestial importance, and the faustian offer by the emperor of the abyss for control over his domain* is a literal manifestation of the urgings of her inner demons.

*giving her the power to eat souls. Wtf.