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Part 3

Update 3: Sympathizing with Hope (Polsy)


The Vestige




In Pursuit of Snow

Hope has fallen into a panic.

In his single-minded pursuit of Snow, he has rushed into the lair of a fal'Cie and is only now recalling the terrible nature of the being that lurks within. The Pulse entity could use its power to curse them—to turn them into l'Cie.

Pulse l'Cie are the doomed servants of the fal'Cie who created them, despised and feared by the people of Cocoon.

Hope's companion, Vanille, seems unconcerned by this dreadful possibility. Bemused by her indomitable cheerfulness, he nervously follows her in search of Snow.

It was Snow who convinced his mother to fight. It was Snow she was protecting when she died. And it is Snow who must be made to pay.


Where Men Fear to Tread

To the citizens of Cocoon, the lowerworld of Pulse is a hell rife with unknown terrors, and the recently discovered Pulse fal'Cie is an invader from that hell.

In an effort to quell the growing panic in the wake of the entity's discovery, the Sanctum initiates an extreme measure known as the Purge. Under this initiative, not only is the fal'Cie to be cast out of Cocoon, but all of the civilians living nearby as well.

Any person coming into contact with the lowerworld being's foul energies could already be corrupted, and no potential enemies of Cocoon can be allowed to remain.

The ensuing 'deportation' claims the lives of countless civilians, Hope's mother among them. After witnessing her death and chasing Snow into the Vestige in a blind rage, Hope suddenly realizes that he may soon share the same fate as the Pulse fal'Cie: relocation to the world below.

Vanille, however, calmly accepts the situation, and lends her support to the distraught boy.

Unaware of his young pursuers, Snow begins exploring the arcane halls and chambers of the shrine-like Vestige in search of his captive fiancée, Serah.


Open Doors Beckon

The Pulse fal'Cie—an entity that threatens the peace of Cocoon's society—holds Snow's fiancée captive.

As the determined Snow delves ever deeper into the alien structure, Lightning and Sazh arrive at the Vestige after fighting their way through waves of Sanctum forces.

The unlikely duo's progress is halted by an impassable gate, which finally opens as if in response to Lightning's whispered words of apology.

Did her plea reach the mind of the fal'Cie? Or was another being responsible for opening the portal?

Sazh follows the ex-soldier into the Vestige, bemused by the lack of explanation, but driven on nonetheless by a purpose he has yet to reveal.


In the Shadow of l'Cie

Military 'weapons' stalk the halls of the Vestige... Though the PSICOM recon team that uncovered the lowerworld being two days previous is still trapped inside, Lightning and Sazh know that the real threat is not part of the Sanctum army, but the Pulse fal'Cie and its servant l'Cie.

Pulse l'Cie are former humans who have become agents of destruction. Those residents living near the Vestige face being Purged simply because of their proximity to the fal'Cie and the possibility that its power has bound them into servitude.

With tales of l'Cie haunting his thoughts, Hope hears Snow's voice calling in the distance.

Although he plans to confront Snow over his mother's death, the reality of the situation becomes too much for Hope to bear. He cannot go through with it. Not yet.


Saving the Enemy

Pulse l'Cie are cursed beings who wield supernatural power and whose very existence incites panic and destruction.

Hope explodes into a rage upon hearing that Snow plans to rescue Serah, now a l'Cie herself. Even if she is Snow's fiancée, nothing good can come of helping a sworn enemy of Cocoon. The situation only serves to magnify Hope's hatred of the man he holds responsible for his mother's death.

Shaking with fury, he is unable to form the words he so desperately wants to say.

Oblivious to Hope's anger and worried for their safety, Snow decides to bring Hope and Vanille along on his mission.

Meanwhile, Sazh explains the cruel fate of a person cursed as a l'Cie. L'Cie are bound in eternal service to a fal'Cie, and failure to carry out a focus results in a transformation into a mindless abomination—a Cie'th.

A person shackled by the l'Cie curse is beyond salvation.

As Sazh comes to this grim conclusion, Lightning angrily compares him to those who insisted on the Purge. She knows full well the doom that awaits a l'Cie, and will do anything in her power to save her sister from that fate.