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Part 7

Update 7: Slippery Summons (Polsy)


A Brief Respite
Cavalry Theme
Crash Landing




The Only Way Is Up

Lightning and the others are now cursed l'Cie. If they don't complete the Focus given to them by the fal'Cie, they are destined to become mindless Cie'th.

But how can they complete a Focus that they don't understand?

Their shared vision of the great beast Ragnarok laying waste to their world is their only clue. That, and the fact that Pulse l'Cie are held to be the mortal enemies of Cocoon...

Could their Focus really be to orchestrate the destruction of their own home?

Snow doesn't think so.

He believes their task is to fulfill Serah's parting wish by keeping Cocoon safe. After all, wasn't she a l'Cie, just like them? His shaky logic only serves to infuriate Lightning, who holds him responsible for her sister's fate. Their confrontation is cut short by the arrival of their Sanctum pursuers.

Having made their escape, Lightning and the others pass through the ruins of a city damaged several centuries ago in the war with Pulse.

Amidst the rubble, they happen upon an airship which they board in the hope of finally shaking the relentless army.

Snow, meanwhile, remains being with the crystallized Serah...


The Twin Sisters

There is no doubt in Snow's mind.

They may be Pulse l'Cie, but there is no way they can be enemies of Cocoon. Serah's last words before she turned to crystal are proof enough for him that their Focus is to defeat Ragnarok and protect their world.

Snow stays behind to defend his trapped fiancée after Lightning and the others decide to continue onward.

Brought to his knees by wave after wave of PSICOM soldiers during a protracted battle, the desperate young man is suddenly overcome by a strange phenomenon.

The Twin Sisters of Shiva, Stiria and Nix, appear before him in a blinding flash of light. They easily dispatch the remaining troops, and then turn on Snow.

He manages to defeat the icy Eidolons, but is soon captured by an unfamiliar Sanctum unit.

A striking woman accompanies the soldiers — a woman with a l'Cie brand.

Meanwhile, try as they might, Lightning's group cannot shake their determined pursuers. Crippled by enemy fire, their airship plummets toward the ground...


People: Mysterious Woman

A mysterious woman captures Snow on Lake Bresha after his exhausting battle with PSICOM and the Twin Sisters. She bears the mark of a l'Cie but, her brand appears scorched and twisted.

As a servant of Pulse she should be fleeing the Sanctum army, but she seems to be working with one of the military's units.


People: Galenth Dysley (See: "Space Pope")

Galenth Dysley is the Primarch—the human representative of the Sanctum. Acting as a bridge between the fal'Cie Eden and a citizen-elected council, he facilitates the government of Cocoon.

Until now, he has been seen as a conservative leader, never forcing the direction of the council, and always having the best interests of the people at heart. But with the discovery of the Pulse fal'Cie in Bodhum, his leadership becomes ruthless and oppressive, with the Purge policy being instigated over the span of a single night.


History and Myth: Eidolons

These mystical entities reveal themselves before only a select few l'Cie. It is said that they are saviors, come to rescue helpless l'Cie who find themselves bound to a Focus against their will. If this is true, they offer a salvation few indeed would seek willingly: without exception, Eidolons attack the l'Cie whose presence they grace.

There have been no l'Cie in Cocoon for centuries, and as a result, no way of determining the truth behind tales of these beings. To the citizens of Cocoon, they remain the stuff of bedtime stories.


The Fal'Cie: Phoenix

Cocoon's own light in the sky, Phoenix is a Sanctum fal'Cie tasked with providing warmth and illumination. It floats at the center of Cocoon's inner atmosphere like a miniature sun, bathing the surrounding world in its radiant glow.

It is the fal'Cie who are responsible for Cocoon's climate, regularly adjusting weather as deemed necessary. Just as Phoenix regulates daylight, other subordinate fal'Cie maintain patterns of wind and precipitation.