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Part 11

Update 11: Auric Amulet of Forgetfulness (Polsy)


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Loathing and Fear

Sazh and Vanille decide against joining Lightning in her vendetta against the Sanctum, though doing so leaves them without a road to follow. It seems all they can do is keep running. And then there is Hope to worry about. But he'll surely grow tired of the fighting and make his way home — won't he?

Sazh also harbors another fear: with the entirety of Cocoon in an uproar over the recent Pulse activity, any incident involving l'Cie could spark a full-scale panic. After all, not even Sazh can shake his dread of the lowerworld.

If Cocoon is to know peace, he argues, l'Cie like them all need to die.

Even as the words pass his lips, he immediately regrets giving voice to such sentiments, suddenly aware of his companion's feelings on the matter. But Vanille just smiles bravely, and urges Sazh to keep on moving.

They have to stay ahead of the army if they want to survive.


Cold, Hard Fact

As Lightning and the others make their way through the Vile Peaks, Snow is escorted aboard the airship Lindblum after his capture at Lake Bresha.

His captors are members of the Wide-area Response Brigade, otherwise known as the 'Cavalry'. The Cavalry is not directly involved with the Purge or the tracking down of l'Cie.

Nevertheless, their commander, Brigadier General Raines, calmly explains the reasons behind the Sanctum and PSICOM operations, and their plans to hold a public execution.

If the l'Cie are killed in plain sight of the populace, he asserts, the panic threatening the stability of their society will be defused. Are Raines and the Cavalry also tools of the Sanctum?

And who is the woman who works with them? Isn't she a Pulse l'Cie and enemy of Cocoon?

Full of questions and unsure of his captor's motives, Snow recalls another time when he felt this powerless — a time when one cold fact robbed him of the strength to stand.

It was the moment he learned that his beloved Serah was a Pulse l'Cie.


Seperate Paths

If l'Cie were machines, they would seek to complete any Focus without question. But l'Cie are human. And no human willingly desires the slavery imposed by a fal'Cie.

Sazh and Vanille support each other in their desperate flight. What is their Focus? They are scared to even contemplate the answer to that question.

Snow, by contrast, chooses to pursue his objective without hesitation, not because he wants to obey the fal'Cie, but because it is Serah's wish.

He believes without the slightest shred of doubt that his Focus is to protect Cocoon.

Lightning and Hope, meanwhile, choose to fight. They turn their anger against an unjust fate and a world hostile to their very existence.

On their way to Eden at the very heart of Cocoon, Lightning and Hope prepare to enter a military-controlled zone...


People: Cid Raines

Cid Raines is the commander of the Wide-area Response Brigade, a military unit otherwise known as the 'Cavalry.'

[A whole bunch of fucking spoilers thanks datalog writers!]


The Thirteen Days: Day 7 - Revelation

Serah was overcome by curiosity when she saw the doors to the Vestige wide open for the first time. She wandered inside, and was branded by the Pulse fal'Cie.

Unable to tell Lightning that she had become a l'Cie, Serah eventually revealed her painful secret to Snow, four days later. Unwilling to see him suffer the same fate, the young woman tried to break off their relationship. But Snow chased after her, and swore to help complete her Focus, whatever it may be.


Cocoon Society: Wide-Area Response Brigade

The Wide-area Response Brigade is a Guardian Corps unit commanded by Brigadier General Cid Raines. The brigade is famous for its unofficial name, the 'Cavalry'. A mobile unit without a designated jurisdiction, the Cavalry patrols the uninhabited expanses between cities, ready to respond to emergency situations at a moment's notice. For this purpose, the brigade commands a cruiser-class airship - the sole exception in the Guardian Corps.


Cocoon Society: The Lindblum

Due to the expansive area it patrols and the need for mobility, the Wide-area Response Brigade has no fixed base. The Lindblum is the command shop of the brigade and serves as both home and headquarters for its soldiers. It is heavily armed and armored for a Guardian Corps craft, but is easily outclassed by the anti-Pulse gunships built for the main PSICOM fleet.