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Part 19

Update 19: Repulsed! Cowardly L'Cie Flee in Face of Heroic Stand by Citizens

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Will to Fight


Live for your soul, resist now
Yes, choose to fight
Although it seems so far to be a Perfect day
Lift up your hands, and redeem your pride.

Although it seems so far to be a Perfect day
Lift up your hands, and redeem your pride.

Sustained by Hate




It's Called "Interference"

Colonel Rosch, PSICOM Director in command of l'Cie operations, decides to escalate the military presence in Palumpolum. Authorizing open warfare in the streets while civilians are still being evacuated is inviting disaster, but he is willing to make that sacrifice.

If the l'Cie are not put down here and now, the Pulse-phobic populace will reach boiling point: Cocoon's towns will erupt in riots, and the loss of life will be staggering.

Meanwhile, the l'Cie — who are currently split into two groups — choose Hope's house as a rendezvous point. But will they all make it?

Every word that the oblivious Snow says feeds the flames of Hope's anger. Has Snow forgotten what he's done? Has he forgotten how he got Hope's mother killed? Hope's patience has finally run out.

During a radio conversation with Lightning, he states his intention to carry out Operation Nora...and take his revenge. With that, the line goes dead.

Lightning tries to reason with Hope, but her desperate plea never reaches him.


The Pulse L'Cie

The hellish lowerworld feared by every citizen of Cocoon is known to Fang as Gran Pulse. On the way to Hope's home, she begins relating her past in response to Lightning's probing.

Fang reveals that she is a l'Cie from Gran Pulse — the world below the floating shell of Cocoon. After completing a Focus, she had turned to crystal.

When she awoke, Fang found herself very far from home in the nest of her enemies. And she was not alone — Vanille, a fellow Gran Pulse l'Cie, was with her.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Snow and Hope spy a group of Palumpolum civilians being herded by Sanctum troops. The government means to Purge them too...

Thinking to rescue the people from their fate, Snow leaps into action, ever the cheerful hero — but this serves only to further agitate Hope.

What does a l'Cie with no hope for the future have to smile about? Shaking his head in disgust, Hope awaits his opportunity to take his revenge.


Mob Injustice

Snow has seen the merciless nature of the Sanctum army.

The military's goal is not the protection of civilians — it is the extermination of l'Cie. As long as the Pulse servants are killed, the number of innocent deaths is inconsequential.

Snow threatens the citizens, hoping to make them run as far away as possible, and thus protect them from ending their days as 'collateral damage.'

But his good intentions are misunderstood.

An angry mob tracks down the two l'Cie, and advances on them with a mix of trepidation and determination. They believe they are doing the right thing—that they are standing up in defense of their homes.

The scene reminds Hope just how much everyone on Cocoon hates l'Cie. Hates him. Coming face-to-face with this cruel reality, Hope falls ever deeper into despair. Even if he makes it back to his home in Felix Heights, there is no salvation waiting for him there.

His mother, Nora, is no longer around to shield him from the dangers of the world.

Snow saw to that.


Over the Edge

Hope finally unleashes the anger he has been feeding for so long. Channeling his hate into deadly power, he blasts Snow with fiery magic. But just as he prepares to deal the killing blow, he is hurled from the roof of the building they are standing on by a nearby explosion.

Snow doesn't hesitate for a second. He hasn't forgotten the dying wish of a mother who fell during the violence of the Purge. Catching the boy he now knows is her son, Snow shields Hope with his own body as they crash to the ground below.

Elsewhere, Lightning listens as Fang makes a confession... [Insert a bunch of shit at the start of the next video]