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Part 21

Update 21: Could YOUR Child be a Pulse l'Cie? (Polsy)


This is Your Home




Healing the Rifts

The knife Serah gave her on her birthday has become a symbol of regret for Lightning.

Because she refused to believe her sister's story that day, Serah ended up a prisoner of the Pulse fal'Cie, and Lightning herself became a l'Cie when she later tried to save her. Since then, the former soldier has sought out battle to avoid dealing with the guilt she feels for turning her sister away.

Now, however, Lightning finally faces the truth of her emotions, and accepts responsibility for her part in what happened.

She meekly apologizes to the injured Snow — the man who always believed in Serah, and protected Hope from harm.

The rifts between the l'Cie are healing, but the reality of the situation is still grim. When Snow talks about taking down the Sanctum, Hope's father, Bartholomew, points out the flaws in their plan.

If the government is toppled by l'Cie, how will the people react? Will they not see their worst fears realized, take up arms, and hasten the very cataclysm they wish to avoid?

As the l'Cie ponder their strategy, PSICOM commandos bursts into the house. Hope stands against the soldiers, while the wounded Snow takes care of his father.


Here Comes the Cavalry

Colonel Rosch, Director of PSICOM, explains the necessity of his actions to the l'Cie, declaring that the Sanctum's — and the fal'Cie's decision to order the Purge was anything but arbitrary. Had they not initiated such measures, he contends, and ignored the cries of the people, Cocoon's panicked society would have torn itself apart.

If Rosch speaks the truth, then the l'Cie's enemy is not the government, but millions of Cocoon civilians. Yet even if this is so, they must somehow find a way to survive.

Overcoming his desire for revenge, Hope sets out in search of a new goal. Somewhere beyond the maelstrom of hatred and the grasping will of the fal'Cie is the future they search for. Hope bids farewell to his father, and boards the Cavalry airship.

Elsewhere, Sazh and Vanille are still on the run. The two fugitives wander aimlessly, riding the currents of fate to the doorstep of the City of Dreams...


People: Bartholomew Estheim

Bartholomew is Hope's father.

He loves both his wife and son, but is clumsy at expressing it. Things are made even more difficult by Hope's rebellious age and unreasoning resentment towards his dad.

Bartholomew has spent his days sick with worry, ever since Hope and Nora were caught up in the middle of the Purge.


People: Rygdea

Rygdea is an officer in the Wide-area Response Brigade led by Cid Raines. Hidden behind his cowboy antics is a man of unwavering courage and integrity.

Disgusted by the deception of the Sanctum, he once thought to retire from the military, but was instead convinced by Raines to join the Cavalry. Finding that the brigadier general shared his ideals, Rygdea now works as his right-hand man in various operations designed to undermine the government's power.