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Part 22

Update 22: The City of Dreams (Polsy)


The Pompa Sancta
Chocobo de Cocoon ~ Chasing Dreams


Run like the wind just leave your cares behind (Let's go now)
Take us around the world and back again (Let's join in)
Promise together we will chase the sun (Let's follow)
And make some green to share the ride in store (For you and me).
Let's go find gil and fame
Dig a little, stake our claim
Take a chance, trust in me
You will see.
We will find them.
We will find them.
We will find them.
We will find them.
We will find them.

Dokomade mo kakenukete (Kibo o)
Daichi o fumishimeteku (Sagashite)
Kimi to boku to dattara (Itsumo)
Ukiuki ga matterusa (Kazakitte).
Takarasagashi, senaka ni notte
Mitsuke desou, our dream.
We will have fun.
We will have fun.
We will have fun.
We will have fun.
We will have fun.



The City of Dreams

Nautilus, the City of Dreams — the biggest theme park on Cocoon — is crowded with tourists. If Sazh and Vanille can lose themselves in the crowd of people, the army will never find them. Even so, Sazh finds it hard to feel relieved.

His son, Dajh, has been made into a l'Cie after wandering into an incident at Euride Gorge. But unlike his father, he is now a servant of the Sanctum fal'Cie and an enemy of Pulse. As he is locked away under the watchful eye of PSICOM, Sazh has no way of knowing how his son is doing.

If Dajh's Focus is to destroy the Pulse fal'Cie in the Bodhum Vestige, the he should already have turned into crystal...

But what if his Focus was to kill the Pulse l'Cie? Sazh and his companions would have to die to save Dajh from becoming a Cie'th. But one other thing is gnawing at his mind: after telling Vanille about his son's situation, the ever-cheerful girl has completely lost her spark.


Making the Most of It

A newsflash is broadcast throughout Nautilus.

During the scenes of combat shown from Palumpolum, Vanille catches a glimpse of Fang. Although it's the first she's seen of her friend since they were separated at Euride Gorge, Vanille finds it hard to give into her joy. Not after what Sazh has said about his son.

Dajh is now a Sanctum l'Cie — a sworn enemy of his father. And she is directly responsible.

If Fang and Vanille hadn't attacked the fal'Cie at the energy plant, the creature would never have chosen the nearby Dajh as a l'Cie. The young woman is overwhelmed by guilt.

Ignorant of Vanille's involvement, Sazh attempts to cheer her up, but his misplaced kindness only makes her feel worse.

The parade is about to begin. For now, she will lose herself in its dream, knowing that when it is over, the suffering she has been running from will finally catch up with her.


Eidolons on Parade

The Pompa Sancta parade is a spectacle of light and sound that commemorates the war between Cocoon and Pulse.

An embodiment of evil, the Pulse l'Cie appears with plans for the total destruction of Cocoon. Hard-pressed by a Sanctum l'Cie, the lowerworld servant takes the form of an infernal beast — a shape meant to resemble the monstrous Ragnarok.

The final battle ensues, and the Pulse l'Cie is defeated. It could almost be a foreshadowing of how events may truly unfold...

While other onlookers are transported by a dream of the past, Vanille is yanked into the present by a nightmarish vision of the future. The two l'Cie hurry away in the direction of Nautilus Park.


Locales: Nautilus

Centered around the ever-popular Nautilus Park, the 'City of Dreams' is essentially a giant fairground built by the Sanctum for the amusement of Cocoon's citizens, Tourists visit from all corners of the world, keeping the city busy and bustling all year round.


Locales: Nautilus Park

Nautilus Park is the crown jewel of the Sanctum-built City of Dreams. it houses numerous attractions constructed with the latest technology, but the true stars of the park are the chocobos and sheep found in the family-friendly petting zoo.

With the wilds of Cocoon crawling with all manner of vicious beasts, people find the presence of the docile park animals to be a rare and reassuring change.


Cocoon Society: The Pompa Sancta

This festive nighttime dance parade depicts the events of the War of Transgression in a stylish and dazzling display of pageantry. Held in Nautilus, the production portrays Cocoon fal'Cie as Eidolons who combine their powers with those of flamboyant 'Sanctum l'Cie' in order to overthrow the villainous l'Cie of Pulse.

In the show's dramatic finale, a Pulse l'Cie transforms into an abomination reminiscent of Ragnarok before finally being slain by a righteous l'Cie from Cocoon.