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Part 24

Update 24: Aerodynamics 101 with Motomu Toriyama

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Primarch Dysley
Can't Catch a Break




The Sanctum Skyfleet

The Sanctum plans to transport its l'Cie prisoners to Eden, then carry out their execution before a public audience.

Brigadier General Raines, the Cavalry commander, suggests that by showing the deaths of the Pulse 'monsters,' the Sanctum fal'Cie hope to quell rising panic and reaffirm their dominion over society.

Lightning and the others can't stand by and let their companions be sacrifice to ensure fal'Cie subjugation.

Deciding to mount a rescue, they plan to use a PSICOM craft to slip aboard the Palamecia, flagship of the Sanctum Skyfleet and prison vessel for the captured l'Cie.

Galenth Dysley, Primarch and representative of the people, is also on board. His presence almost certainly signifies a trap, but what other choice do they have?


The Palamecia

The ease with which the l'Cie slip aboard the Palamecia is, as they had anticipated, simply a part of the plan to lure them into a trap.

They make it onto the Skyfleet flagship with the help of the Cavalry, only to be greeted by a squad of PSICOM soldiers as soon as their feet hit the deck.

The l'Cie do not back down.

This is more than just a rescue attempt—it is a battle that could affect the future of Cocoon.

The Primarch heads the forces aboard the Palamecia. If they can capture Dysley and force him to reveal the fal'Cie's schemes, it may be enough to liberate Cocoon from the Sanctum's tyranny and free the hearts and minds of her people.

If they can prove how the government has manipulated its citizens into hating Pulse, and change the way people feel, then maybe the l'Cie can find a place in Cocoon's society—and some hope for the future.


Time to Split

Despite being driven to the brink of suicide by the sight of his son turning into crystal, Sazh is still alive. Having been captured by Colonel Nabaat in Nautilus, he and Vanille are now on their way to Eden to be executed.

The only reason they still live is so they can be murdered in front of an audience.

When Sazh learned that Vanille was the one responsible for his grief, he was consumed with rage. Now, he listens calmly to her tale:

Once a l'Cie who fought in the war against Cocoon, Vanille spent centuries in crystal stasis.

When she finally awoke, she found that her companion, Fang, had lost all memory of their previous Focus. Afraid that their new charge would culminate in another horrific battle, Vanille chose to feign memory loss in an attempt to flee from her destiny—a decision which has led to untold tragedy.

Somewhat ironically, hearing Vanille's melancholy tale sparks a flicker of hope in Sazh. If Vanille can emerge from crystal stasis, then maybe Dajh can too.

Stirred from his despondency by this thought, Sazh helps Vanille to overpower the cell guards and the pair begin their escape.

But this time, they're not running away from their fate—they're taking charge of it.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the ship, the other l'Cie battle through waves of enemy soldiers in an attempt to rescue their friends.

Man, I love character bios that have had like one sentence changed!


People: 'Lightning' Farron

Lightning was formerly a sergeant in the Guardian Corps, Bodhum Security Regiment.

Wanting to outgrow the painful memories of her parents' death, she abandoned her childhood name to take up her current moniker. She retains her family name of 'Farron.'

Cursed as her sister was with the fate of a l'Cie, Lightning's frustration leads her to declare war against the Sanctum. She eventually sees her actions for what they are: an escape from reality.

Finally accepting Snow for his genuine efforts to save Serah, Lightning now fights a different battle—a battle to overcome her Focus and see her sister return from crystal slumber.


People: Sazh Katzroy

A trained civilian airship pilot, Sazh has been raising his son alone since the untimely passing of his wife almost three years ago.

A Sanctum l'Cie in the custody of PSICOM, Dajh turns to crystal the moment he is reunited with his father. Yet even after later discovering Vanille is responsible for his son's misfortune, Sazh is unable to bring himself to shoot her.

His goal now is to survive the coming conflict with the hope that his son will one day wake from his crystal stasis.


People: Hope Estheim

An incidental victim of the Purge, Hope survives the ensuing violence only to become a l'Cie. Blaming Snow for his mother's death during the fighting, the boy gives a name to his revenge: Operation Nora.

Hope eventually realizes that his rage is simply a crutch to help him through his grief, and decides he needs a real reason to keep on going.

He mends his relationship with his father, and sets off on a journey to discover a way to escape his destiny as a l'Cie.


People: Oerba Dia Vanille

Vanille is a l'Cie who was born on Gran Pulse.

Several hundred years ago, both she and Fang entered crystal stasis. While they slumbered, the entire structure housing them and the fal'Cie was transported to Cocoon.

After they awake and she learns that Fang is missing memories, Vanille lies and says she has forgotten her Focus as well. She wants to escape from a fate that could lead to more suffering for everyone, but her twisting of the truth has the opposite effect: it leads Fang into rash actions that have devastating consequences for both Dajh and Serah.


People: Bartholomew Estheim

Bartholomew is Hope's father, but has difficulties relating to his teenage son.

Though deeply upset by his wife's death, he sees how much Hope has grown during the subsequent events, and encourages him to find his own path and make his own decisions.

Now wanted by the Sanctum for his actions in aiding Pulse l'Cie, Bartholomew is currently under the protection of the Cavalry.

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The Thirteen Days: Day 1 - Awakening

Deep within the Bodhum Vestige, two l'Cie—Fang and Vanille—awoke from crystal stasis. Fang's brand was scarred and scorched, and she had lost every memory relating to her Focus, including the events surrounding its apparent completion.

Vanille mimicked her friend, pretending to have forgotten her Focus as well. Afraid of hurting even more people, she wanted nothing more than to leave her fate behind.


Cocoon Society: The Palamecia

The flagship of the Sanctum Skyfleet, this imposing craft is an anti-Pulse juggernaut built using the latest in military technology. The Palamecia bristles with powerful weaponry, and its multiple decks hold several dozen warships, as well as hundreds of crew members.

During the Purge, the Palamecia transported the entire Pulse Vestige to the Hanging Edge.